Small Interiors That Burst With Colour

Small Interiors That Burst With Colour

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Bursts of coral pink, vivid purples and blues, bumblebee yellow and fresh turquoise enliven these three modern apartments. From scattered accent walls, pink cement floors and statement furniture, to tinted lighting, daring kitchen schemes and bright bathrooms, if it’s colour you’re after then you’ll find bags of inspo right here. Join us as we tour a daring pink and purple studio design with a cactus wall mural, a blue and pink accent interior with an eye catching kitchen, plus a yellow and turquoise splashed apartment with a plethora of zoning techniques.

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  • Visualizer: Timur Mitin
A wild monochrome rug makes pink flooring positively pop inside this 50 square metre home in Moscow, Russian Federation. Pink, green and blue poufs up the colour intensity.

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A round coffee table rests on the contoured print rug. A pink planter pushes up from the pink cement floor.

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Pink neon tube lights burn around the edges of the living space. A unique zigzag light strikes a 90’s vibe across the lounge ceiling.

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A low room divider has been erected behind the couch, to visually separate the lounge from an adjacent dining area. A cactus mural helps to expand the sense of spaciousness in the living room.

  • 6 |
A white orb dining pendant light stands out crisply against the dark grey backdrop. A house plant provides a visual stop between the dining spot and the kitchen.

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White tiles form a border around the one wall kitchen design, climbing the wall height, spanning floor, and even bridging the ceiling. A single purple wall shelf disrupts the white kitchen design, drawing inspiration from a narrow purple accent wall at its side.

  • 8 |
A pink bicycle colour coordinates with the floor.

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The bedroom area of the studio apartment is accessed via an impressive archway. A bespoke floor bed design fills the arched recess, which is lit brightly by its own window. Another purple accent wall wraps around the window reveal.

  • 10 |
Purple accents multiply inside the small bathroom, with a compact purple corner sink and cabinet combo. Purple LEDs fizz around the edges of the ceiling.

  • 11 |
A bright coral pink toilet pan matches with the pink floor.

  • 12 |
Studio layout.

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The blue couch upholstery contrasts deliciously with a solid pink kitchen.

  • 15 |
A small teal dining set floats freely in the centre of the open plan. As there is no dining table pendant light present, the set could easily be moved to one side of the room to open up the flow if the need or want arose.

  • 18 |
A pink accent wall creates a sweeping entry into the bedroom, which is shielded from direct view of the living room by obscure glass. A decorative wall mirror reflects natural light from the large bedroom window. A stylish swing arm wall lamp highlights a black bedside table, whereas the bright orange bedside needs no further fanfare.

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Stainless steel closets make a unique and striking addition to the space. The doors are set back to allow an ample walkway around the bed. The back of the wardrobe forms an interesting metal focal point for the living room.

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A striped rug and matching planter throw in some fun pattern.

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Apartment layout.

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  • Visualizer:
In our next apartment, quirky artwork characterises a turquoise and grey lounge space. A marble coffee table connects with the modern artworks sophisticated inspiration.

  • 24 |
A glass room divider gives a glimpse of the neighbouring dining room.

  • 25 |
Duo tone paint effect splits the wall between turquoise and grey.

  • 26 |
A floating media cabinet leaves the floor space clear to increase the sense of space.

  • 27 |
The dining area is sandwiched cosily between the lounge’s glass partition and a turquoise dividing wall with the kitchen. A dining bench sweeps beneath a serving hatch, where used dishes can be fed through onto a shelf on the kitchen side. industrial style dining chairs add cheerful notes of yellow, along with a statement dining pendant light and colourful honeycomb wall shelves.

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A monochrome floor defines the kitchen zone.

  • 30 |
Mirrors reflect the room, creating a spacious optical illusion. Bespoke storage cabinets and a fitted shoe bench furnish the home entryway.

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Mirrored doors conceal a dressing room.

  • 32 |
A floating vanity sits just behind the bifold partition.

  • 33 |
Storage drawers pull out from beneath a platform floor that leads to a set of closets.

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A grey vanity stool and coordinating mirror team with the wall mounted dressing table. Grey tongue and groove decorates the vanity wall.

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Yellow and turquoise accents colour the bedroom. A bumble bee yellow runner stripes the end of the bed, matching a plethora of pillows and an eye catching desk chair.

  • 36 |
A light turquoise headboard wall and pale grey base notes cool the look.

  • 37 |
Fitted storage makes the most of the room’s small dimensions.

  • 38 |
A glass fronted closet maintains the room’s visible depth.

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The floor plan illustrates that the dressing room could be utilised as an extra bedroom if a mattress were added to the wide podium, just as in the master.

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