White and Green Living Spaces That Feel Crisp And Fresh

White and Green Living Spaces That Feel Crisp And Fresh

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When you think of fresh colours, green has got to be top of the charts. We associate it with the vitality of nature and the hue of healthy foods, so how does that translate into stylish living spaces to help us feel revitalised at home? This inspirational collection of modern interiors show four different approaches to the uplifting green and white theme. From graphite grey accented rooms with mid spectrum green, through light sage and natural timber, natural wood and leaf green, to peaceful minty decor. Each scheme has its own appeal and personality, all with gorgeous green characteristics. How would you choose to go green?

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  • Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects
Our first white and green modern interior features solid expanses of modern graphite grey, which adds weight and depth. The colour palette comes together on the modern sofa, where grey and green sections marry in a two tone design.

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A grey feature panel overlays a ribbed wall treatment behind the sofa. An LED halo glows around its edge, highlighting the texture.

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The deep seating of the L-shaped green and grey sofa takes up the entire window wall.

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Tall green cabinets create a floor to ceiling backdrop of colour behind the dining area. The modern grey dining set creates sophisticated contrast with the accent wall of storage.

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The globe dining pendant light is the Crescent by Lee Broom. The pendant descends low over the tabletop, where a rounded decorative vase complements the circular aesthetic.

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Green kitchen bar stools match with the base cabinets of the kitchen. The breakfast bar is a ceiling mounted metal frame design, complete with a suspended footrest rung.

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The green one wall kitchen design features a row of metal frame open kitchen shelving, which is used to display simple white crockery and cooking oils. A strip of ribbed panelling tops the kitchen design, softly lit to accentuate its ripple effect.

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White cabinets quietly fill in the opposite wall, housing integrated appliances.

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The knocked back white cabinets go almost unnoticed upon entering the kitchen, as bright balcony doors at the opposite end draw attention.

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The genius ceiling mounted breakfast bar keeps the space looking light and open, and leaves the duo of green bar stools to take centre stage.

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Green cabinets, panels and interior doors colour the hallway to the bedroom.

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Inside the bedroom, a cosy throw and heavy curtains bring in the green element. A stylish bedside table lamp burns brightly on an amalgamated headboard and floating bedside combo.

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The grey platform bed appears to float just above a matching bedroom rug.

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Green closet doors look lively between a tower of grey bookshelves and a grey makeup table.

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A dropped ceiling holds flush mounted spotlights, and neatly conceals the curtain rail

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Floor plan.

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  • Visualizer: Elemental Design
This 68 square metre flat has a softer feel, with light sage accents and natural timber.

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Pale grey enters the mix in the form of a modern sofa and dining chairs.

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The black stems of a modern dining chandelier are eye catching against the green backboard of a built-in banquette.

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The lower third of the bedroom has been painted in the home’s chosen accent shade. Thick wooden window blinds accentuate the linear nature of the base stripe.

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A black wall shelf runs parallel with a thin black border.

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Monochromatic bed linen brings bold character to a soft green kid’s room.

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A perky Miffy light is seated beneath a fun pegboard memo wall.

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  • Visualizer: Bodes Studio
Our third white and green interior contains a darker hue, which builds a confident elegance. A polished chrome floor lamp arcs from white to green backdrops in the lounge.

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It’s a sputnik chandelier that brightens up the dining room, along with LED cabinet lights in the adjoining kitchen.

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Four dining chairs and an oval dining table bring in a generous dose of natural wood tone.

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A row of wall cabinets compliment the natural wood dining set.

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In the home entryway, a huge round vanity mirror increases the sense of space. A houndstooth vanity stool is belted with a rope to bring in natural vibes.

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A unique green bed design with a towering headboard makes up the green bedroom scheme.

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Indoor plants and botanical artwork complement the green feature walls.

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A bespoke banquette seat has been built into a dining hutch. Decorative shelving fills a charming wooden archway. The shelves aren’t filled with crockery and table items though, this area acts as a crossover with the lounge, and instead holds books and knick-knacks.

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Wooden housing also looks after the fridge freezer, before the aesthetic is completely swapped out for a fresh white and green kitchen design. Geometric tiles across the backsplash to introduce an edgy modern element.

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The wall opposite the kitchen is reserved for practical entryway storage by the front door. The wooden shoe nook under the cabinets is matched by raw wood picture frames on the wall. A full length mirror completes the vignette.

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