Two Modern Home Designs Woven With Red, Orange And Gold

Two Modern Home Designs Woven With Red, Orange And Gold

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Red, orange, and gold finishes thread through the fabric of these two modern home designs. The shades meld together to create modern home interiors that are not only warm and welcoming but filled with a feeling of reassuring luxe and leisure. Despite the colour palette in common, we’re visiting two quite differently themed aesthetics. Our first is a heavily colour infused interior design of rounded corners and curvaceous features, whereas our crisply cut second interior is defined by linear elements and sparing colour flashes. Take the tours and see which one you would choose?

  • 1 |
  • Designer: DAR architects
  • Visualizer: DAR architects
Molten red and orange tones shade the living room of this 130 square metre home interior. A two-tone modern sofa amalgamates both accents into one piece. A red accent wall slides up against peachy wood tone panels.

  • 2 |
A decorative wall mirror reflects the deep folds of heavy red window drapes. LED strips light the circular mirror around its edge to help define it from its colourful canvas. A sputnik chandelier echoes the round shape theme.

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Rounded corners soften a square coffee table, at the centre of a concentric circle rug design. A black glass vase adds a darkly contrasting sculptural element to the pale, gently contoured tabletop. Red paintwork outlines architectural features around the room perimeter.

  • 4 |
Although there are red drapes by the red feature wall, the rest of the curtains in the room hang in a muted camel hue that melds with the natural wood tone of the panelling, floors and furniture.

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The kitchen island countertop is cut from the same wood as features in the flooring.

  • 6 |
In parallel to the single arm sputnik chandelier, a linear suspension light crosses the length of the kitchen island.

  • 8 |
The grey area rug helps define the lounge area from the adjacent kitchen diner, which is close enough to touch.

  • 9 |
The black linear suspension light matches the dark practicalities of the kitchen, like the contrasting sink and faucet, and an electric hob across the back wall of workspace. The kitchen island is clear and reserved only for prep and serving.

  • 10 |
An archway opens the living room up to the entry hall.

  • 11 |
Bespoke shelving stretches along the hallway, with colour coordinated red surfaces.

  • 12 |
In the bedroom, a curvaceous wooden wall panel slides down toward the headboard of a pillowy grey bed. A modern wall light beams down at a bedside table.

  • 13 |
An unusual pendant light illuminates the other bedside.

  • 14 |
Curved corners smoothly pull a TV unit out of the wall, whilst a red finish exaggerates its presence.

  • 15 |
A gold floor lamp and a red bedroom chair make up a cosy reading corner.

  • 16 |
There are actually two matching bedroom chairs, separated by a small coffee table–should both parties decide to share coffee in the bedroom.

  • 17 |
To the right of the TV wall, there is a red makeup unit and a coordinated vanity chair. A gold stemmed designer table lamp and a gold framed mirror bring glamour to the dressing nook.

  • 18 |
Terrazzo tiles bring multiple hues and exciting pattern into the bathroom scheme.

  • 19 |
The pedestal sink unit draws on a cappuccino shade from the terrazzo chips.

  • 20 |
Clean white ceramic cuts through the warm tones in the room.

  • 21 |
An unusual two-tone toilet is wall mounted onto walnut panelling.

  • 22 |
  • Designer: Prosvirin Design
  • Visualizer: Prosvirin Design
This apartment in Moscow has a somewhat sharper appearance, one that does not revolve around curvaceous elements and a circular shape theme. Rather, this interior is one that leans toward a linear aesthetic with simplified junctions. The red accents here are rarer and isolated, and so more defined.

  • 23 |
Marble tiles throw lighting strikes of tonal pattern across the TV wall.

  • 24 |
Red decorative vases shine like jewels on top of a low level media cabinet. Gold vases and sculpture lustre in the bookcase.

  • 25 |
A gold lined vase tops the coffee table.

  • 26 |
Over in the dining area, gold dining room suspension lights cross in front of sheer window drapes.

  • 27 |
Cherry blossoms bloom in the table centrepiece.

  • 28 |
Three unique kitchen pendant lights drip glass tassels from black shades, over a marble island. The high-end hob with integrated extractor allows the lighting to take centre stage in place of a typical ceiling mounted chimney hood.

  • 30 |
Integrated appliances and sleek grey cabinets fall back into a wall recess at one side.

  • 31 |
Ridged glass doors allow natural light to pass between the kitchen and the main living room, without having to share a clear view of any kitchen mess.

  • 32 |
A walk in closet holds racks and racks of shoe storage, all in stylish rich wood grain with warm LED backlights.

  • 33 |
Designer purses and hats interrupt the shoe collection in a few of the cubbies, above a line of shallow accessory drawers.

  • 34 |
Solid fronted cabinets and lidded storage boxes complete the closet system up by the ceiling line, to tuck away lesser used items and out of season pieces.

  • 35 |
Panel molding exaggerates the length of the home’s pale grey hallway, as does the stretched grain of a dramatically dark wood clad ceiling.

  • 36 |
Recessed spotlights prick through the dark wood ceiling, whilst unique modern wall sconces brighten the vertical plane.

  • 37 |
Internal doors hang camouflaged within the decorative molding.

  • 38 |
An entryway shelf cuts into the wall.

  • 39 |
Around the corner, a key shelf is well lit beside the door.

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