A Sculptural Concrete-Clad Modern Villa In Germany

A Sculptural Concrete-Clad Modern Villa In Germany

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Tucked away on a forested 3000 square meter plot, this modern architectural delight employs a variety of clever techniques to maintain its privacy while still enjoying the wondrous abundance of nature that surrounds it. Neo Villa is a 484 square meter home located in Rosengarten, Germany, completed by Querkopf Architekten in 2019. No two angles are quite the same – this dimensional and dynamic home has plenty of surprises in store. The photo series below explores this residence from the outside and within, taking a tour around the perimeter and stopping in for a look at several of the rooms.

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The tour opens with a view from across the home’s private driveway. Even from this angle, you can see how this house in the woods is selectively shielded by the landscape.

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Imposing and open all at once – the modern home exterior is a drama of contrasts. Airy glass windows encase the living areas downstairs, while a formidable concrete volume is supported by v-shaped beams below.

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At night, gentle illumination further emphasizes the difference between the exposed lower level and the private upstairs.

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Sliding glass doors offer residents easy access to the pool and lounge area.

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The pool design is especially unique, jutting out from the patio to underscore the cantilever architectural themes of the house. Plush outdoor lounge chairs soak up the view of the vibrant backyard.

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From the modern living room, communication with the outdoors is key. Low-profile furniture helps to maintain the view – even the tall arching floor lamp cuts a thin and delicate profile.

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Throughout the home, you’ll find a selection of accents that weave a thread of nature back into the concrete-dominated indoor environment. Here, smoothed logs become a grouping of rustic coffee tables.

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Concrete, glass, and steel make up the indoor landscape – a stark contrast to the lush vegetation beyond.

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Thanks to its central location and open sides, the fireplace is able to share its inviting aura with both the living and dining areas.

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Tall floor-to-ceiling windows extend up the entire height of the dining room wall, even continuing across the ceiling. This provides an incredible view from the dining room but also from the glass-walled room looking down from above it.

  • 12 |
A series of dining room pendant lights illuminate the rustic dining table from above – these are from the Melt collection from Tom Dixon.

  • 13 |
The seating is from the About A Chair series by Hee Welling.

  • 14 |
Suspended cantilever stairs lead upstairs while the kitchen is accessible through the hallway just beyond.

  • 16 |
From behind the glass bannister, much of the lower floor is easily visible. The entire layout seems designed to maximize natural light and communion with the outdoors.

  • 17 |
Textural concrete walls continue throughout the home. While the windows soften the fortress-like effect from some angles, other elements embrace it. Here, wall-mounted torches add a touch of mystery.

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Now for a look at the private areas of the home. The master bedroom enjoys the most prized view, overlooking the timbered backyard and its winding stone driveway.

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Curtains pull back to reveal a television. Hanging pendant lights at either side of the bed cast a warm glow for ambiance.

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A glamorous shower opens directly into the bedroom, taking in the natural light and the tremendous views.

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A small passageway leads through the shower and into a smaller water closet area. Bathroom pendant lights illuminate the vanity from above.

  • 22 |
A handsome guest bedroom takes on a more rustic aesthetic with its salvaged wood bedframe and large wood storage bench. Another bedroom pendant light continues the warm theme.

  • 23 |
An ensuite bathroom makes this guest bedroom especially convenient. Behind the wall with the vanity is a small private water closet.

  • 24 |
The main bathroom is located back upstairs. The decorative themes remain similar between all three – here you’ll find another stone-clad shower, more round mirrors, and another round vessel sink.

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The unique faucet adds a chic touch of metallic elegance to the theme.

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Compared to the transparent back of the home, the street-facing main entrance looks almost imposing. It feels guarded and fortress-like, clad in windowless concrete punctuated only by an intimidating black door.

  • 27 |
The two offset volumes make the architecture look especially dynamic, changing its profile depending on the angle of viewing.

  • 28 |
At night, lights illuminate the façade.

  • 29 |
A play of light and shadow enhances the drama of the unique geometry.

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Continuing around the driveway to the rear of the home, you can begin to see the entrance to the garages.

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Access is stylish and convenient.

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Around the side, grassy steps lead to a spacious patio with a sidewalk leading the way to the front of the home.

  • 33 |
A variety of visualizations and floorplans give a better idea of the home’s structure.

  • 34 |
Right angles are avoided where possible.

  • 35 |
Here is a view of the basement floor with its garage and guest bedroom.

  • 36 |
On the ground floor you have a media room off to the side with the living, dining, and kitchen in the main volume.

  • 37 |
Upstairs, the master bedroom occupies one wing and a home library fills the other.

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This view shows the tall floor-to-ceiling window that divides the home in half.

  • 39 |
Another view of the home shows the split-level variation.

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