Colorful Bachelorette Pad With Bright Accents

Colorful Bachelorette Pad With Bright Accents

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Designed by Lauri Brothers for a young woman, this 74 square metre modern interior is filled with bright, colorful accents and illustrative patterns. Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, the interior decor is focussed upon a warm and characterful coral shade, which is teamed with fresh green elements to enliven the look further. The smooth marriage of colour is set against backgrounds of grey paintwork and cabinets, flecked terrazzo coated floors, and graphic streaked bathroom tiles. Both designer and client have a love for Masha Reva illustration, which led to playful and unusual moments in the living space that brought a plain modern apartment to life.

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  • Photographer: Andrey Bezuglov
Multiple colours connect over the length of a unique sectional sofa, which marks out the lounge area of an open plan room.

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A green small side table overlaps the coral end section of the sofa, next to floor length coral curtains at the windows.

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The multicoloured couch backs onto a grey and white kitchen cabinet arrangement – though it is the eye-catching wall mural behind the kitchen dining island that dominates the entire living space.

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To balance out the bold colour and pattern in the room, plain grey paintwork quietens the rest of the walls.

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The owner of the apartment and her friends are depicted in the wall art, which gives the home its own special spirit.

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Over in the home entryway, the wall, door and shelving unit are united in one matt coral finish.

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At the kitchen island, Yova Yager chairs have been upholstered in a layered botanical print by Masha Reva.

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A tower of dish draining racks are concealed inside one of the taller kitchen units. The cabinet has fully retractable doors that disappear into its sides when the area is in use.

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Later, the doors can be drawn out and closed shut to hide the clutter – an essential feature for an open plan living space.

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A white extractor hood over the cooking island blends easily with its light surroundings.

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The terrazzo coating on the floor ties in subtly with the colour story of the room by including small splashes of coral and dark green.

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The kitchen bar chairs utilise two different fabrics: one with an airy white background and the other with a weighty black backdrop to the botanical illustration. The subtle difference gives the set a carefree and youthful vibe, whilst still maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

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Coral coloured casing wraps a linear suspension light over the dining table.

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A dragon plant draws some of the green accents from the kitchen wall mural further into the living room scheme.

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Amongst the dominant coral and green hues jostle flecks of light brilliant blue.

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Out in the hallway, a ZZ plant flourishes beneath a small green pendant light, which focuses all of its light directly into the corner.

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Visual impact is created by the meeting of one solid orange wall and a solid grey. No trims are present around the flush fitting interior doors, so that the eye skips over them, almost unnoticed.

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An orange archway resides in the grey hallway cabinetry.

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The bright arch marks the coat hanging area, and a small seat. A shoe storage draw utilises the space below the bench.

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The grey units are stacked with shelves and fitted with rails for storing other items.

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An elliptical wall mirror is illuminated around its edge at one end of the hall, casting an ambient glow.

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A unique headboard undulates across most of a grey-blue and pink bedroom.

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The elongated padded pink headboard creates a connection between the platform bed and the space around a bedside table.

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Across the other side of the bed, a green and white sideboard underlines the window of a glass wall bathroom.

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A neat green floor lamp provides a colourful highlight.

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Grey bedclothes tone with the grey bedroom walls to make a soothing ensemble.

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A curtain can be drawn across the glass wall bathroom to provide more privacy when required, and pulled back when natural light from the bedroom window is desired.

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The bedroom sideboard is adorned with an iconic Frida Kahlo style bust, evoking a feminist air in the space.

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A glass walled dressing room runs off the end of the bedroom.

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Glass doors slide back to give entry to two walls of garment rails, shelves, multiple chests of drawers and illuminated accessory trays.

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The dressing room has its own window, where a makeup table is set up to make use of the natural light.

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Window reveals are painted in coral. Sheer white roller blinds diffuse the sun.

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A mirror is contained inside of a lid on the vanity table, which can be closed away to maintain the sleek aesthetic when not in use. The vanity chair is a coral version of the Masha Reva botanical print.

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From inside the ensuite bathroom we can see the privacy curtains drawn across the glass behind a raised bathtub.

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Soft pink coloured tiles clad the steps up to the tub, and vanity shelves that run straight off them.

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The wall tiles are struck through with graphic monochrome streaks.

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A rounded white planter matches the voluminous curve of the vessel basin.

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