The Merging Of Three Apartments To Make One Amazing Loft

The Merging Of Three Apartments To Make One Amazing Loft

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Three apartments have been skillfully joined together to create a brand new 136 square metre home for a young couple. Located in Moscow, Russian Federation, the design for the single functional space was put together by Cartelle Design, who gave it a twist of cool loft style. The final energised look was achieved by incorporating an abundance of raw concrete, some metals and decorative coatings, plus warm natural materials that helped achieve a cozy undertone to the edgy aesthetic. A monochrome color scheme rules, though the grey, black, white, and wood tone are intermittently disturbed by moments of bright yellow and blue, through accent furniture, accessories and textiles.

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The center of the new loft layout is home to a spacious living room and kitchen combo. Grey concrete walls set a dramatic tone behind vivid accents of solid yellow and marine blue. Natural wood warms the floor.

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A square coffee table nestles into the elbow of an L-shaped modular sofa, where grey upholstery meets blue. The colourful decor accents lift the serious look of the predominantly grey living room.

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At the other side of the grey area rug in the lounge, a quirky side table serves a grey tufted ottoman.

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There is another Monkey side table by BD Barcelona Design over by the couch, this time in a yellow colourway. A few books rest on its tray. A fruit bowl decorates the main square coffee table.

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Yellow threads run through the grey area rug, tying it in with the decor accents in the room.

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Mature indoor plants brush refreshing greenery up against dark grey stone veneer panels on the tv wall.

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Yellow accents prevail in the adjoining dining area.

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Yellow and black dining chairs surround a dining peninsula. Yellow swiss crosses punctuate a black tile kitchen floor.

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Novelty wall lights spread illustrative speech bubbles across a wall.

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A bank of white kitchen cabinets stretch from floor to ceiling across one entire wall of the kitchen, making the most of the vertical storage space under lofty ceilings.

  • 12 |
Only base units and a wall shelf span the adjoining wall. The dining peninsula makes this into a narrow galley kitchen layout.

  • 13 |
A steel frame surrounds the cooker hood. The frame makes the extractor into a larger feature, yet somehow manages to disguise it from view – reinventing it instead as a glorious design feature.

  • 14 |
Unfinished concrete creates a textured backdrop behind the kitchen diner configuration.

  • 15 |
Directional track lights cross a raw concrete ceiling.

  • 16 |
A glass wall home workspace is hidden behind curtains.

  • 17 |
Inside the glass home office there is a double workspace at a single extended wooden desk. A narrow bookcase towers up the wall beside it, recessed into the plaster.

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With the addition of a bright and comfortable reading chair, the home office also provides a cozy place to read or simply relax – although there is a bunk up top for really stretching out. A short floor reading lamp puts task lighting right where it’s needed by the chair.

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Another modern floor lamp serves a small grey pouf just outside the study door.

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The grey pouf provides seating in the home entryway, next to coat and shoe cupboards.

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A small nook for the hanging of guests coats has been clad in attractive wood panelling by the front door. The shelf beneath the coat hooks can also be used as an impromptu seat, or as a spot to put down bags to keep them tidy and off the floor.

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The grey bedroom decor scheme is dotted with blue bedside tables.

  • 23 |
A unique headboard design curves around the head of the bed, like a new take on an old winged classic. Floor lamps light its cushioned upholstered finish.

  • 24 |
An area rug beneath the bed brings in some of the yellow tone from the living room too, which gives the apartment one flowing cohesive look.

  • 25 |
A large motivational poster at the foot of the bed encourages the homeowners to ‘Get out of bed’!

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One wall of the bedroom is home to an open fronted closet. One single rail awaits hanging garments; a single row of floating drawers make a shelf underneath.

  • 29 |
LED lighting creates an ambient glow from behind the panel wall of the vanity area.

  • 30 |
The backlighting gives the panel a floating effect. Over by a spa bathtub, a quirky yellow rubber duck shaped table sits in wait of toiletries, some candles, or a cool beverage.

  • 31 |
The shower enclosure stands at the foot of the bathtub. The toilet hides behind the vanity wall.

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Inside the shower enclosure there is a large rainfall showerhead poised to drench. A recessed shelf has been illuminated to give a soft cosy glow.

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Strip lights have been set flush into the grey ceiling, giving it an ultra slick look. A wall hung charcoal grey toilet and matching grey flush plate finishes off the contemporary bathroom design.

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The floor plan of the loft better illustrates some of its more hidden features: On here we can see the huge amount of storage included in the home entryway, and the full design of the lofted bed inside the study.

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