Flora: A Play With Pastels

Flora: A Play With Pastels

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Shades of soft pink are not something we see a lot of in contemporary interiors, but additions of a gentle blush can delicately lift a modern muted scheme. The Flora project, visualised by S.O.D. architects in Kiev, is an interior scheme that utilises the qualities of this subtle hue. Dusky pink accents adorn a relaxed living room, entirely pink cabinets fill the walls of the kitchen, and the bedroom is largely blush too. However, there a few colour breaks along the way. A blue-grey hued entryway provides a pause, along with a coffee and cream bathroom, and warm neutral toned kids room with a Disney twist.

  • 1 |
The colour journey begins in the living room, with a number of dusky pink scatter cushions on the sofa, teamed with a circular area rug. An unusual piece of round wall art echoes the tone. The set of two coffee tables in front of the sofa coordinate with the circular theme rather than the colour pallette, as does the pot on a nearby unique plant stand.

  • 2 |
With just a few pillows on the grey modern sofa, the pink accents do not overpower the cool scheme. On the opposite side of a dividing interior wall, an installation of large storage cabinets line the hallway.

  • 3 |
The flooring throughout the home is a light solid wood, which complements the gentle colour meld of the soft furnishings.

  • 4 |
Over in the dining area, black dining chairs surround the dining table, matching the darker note seen in the coffee tables. The interior doors are made of a black smoked glass. They slide open along gliders rather than hinges, which allows each of the rooms to be opened up to become one whole open plan space.

  • 5 |
The dining table is round and white, a formula that is echoed by the shape and colour of the dining table pendant light feature, and the decorative white vases over in the lounge space.

  • 6 |
A cutaway in the living room wall makes a viewing window through to the home entryway.

  • 7 |
The dining room pendants act as a design tool to anchor the dining area in place in the dual purpose lounge-dining room.

  • 8 |
The handle-free pink kitchen cabinets are a solid blush colour, an unusual but effective choice. The soft hue is made dynamic by pairing it with a black backsplash and appliances. The modern faucet is also matt black to blend in with the wall rather than match the white kitchen sink and countertop.

  • 9 |
Unique hanging planters are a fresh way to dress an interior scheme. This one looks particularly effective as a feature over a central breakfast bar, nestled against the central lighting installation.

  • 10 |
The casual eating bench has a wooden countertop to mark it as a separate feature.

  • 11 |
Decorative vases transform the off-shot eating area into something a little bit more special. Sparkly wine glasses and place settings with colour-matched napkins add to the effect.

  • 13 |
The indoor planter is built directly into the living room cutaway wall.

  • 14 |
Contrasting with the pink scheme, the front door is a blue-grey hue.

  • 15 |
Here we can see the peek-a-boo view through into the living room from the hallway.

  • 16 |
In the bedroom, one entire wall has been painted in the same shade as the blush curtains.

  • 17 |
An accent chair and footstool blend in with their pink surroundings, whilst the rest of the bedroom furniture is deeper shades of grey. A large orb shaped wall sconce casts its light over one of the charcoal coloured bedside tables, whilst a floor lamp stands at the other side.

  • 18 |
Behind glazed sliding doors, a closet system has a combination of grey hanging rails and light coloured drawers that match the flooring and the wood paneling on the headboard wall.

  • 19 |
A wall hung entertainment unit is combined with an overhanging countertop that is used as a dressing table.

  • 20 |
The dressing table wall sconce matches the light by the bed.

  • 21 |
Within the bedroom scheme there is a small desk area, complete with shelving.

  • 22 |
Kids’ beds are a great place to infuse a little fun into their room decor, and this bed with a Mickey Mouse shaped headboard brings some Disney magic. The wooden legs of the modern cot are complemented by a natural coloured floor rug and a woven laundry basket. A set of initials decorate the wall space above the baby’s bed, they’ve been colour matched to the wall for a subtle finish.

  • 23 |
Thekid’s decor is sprinkled with sweet elements, like this row of house shaped wall shelves and cloud mobile over the crib.

  • 24 |
Two Scandinavian-style toy boxes on casters keep the room tidy and easily organised. A matching pinewood chest of drawers match the toy units.

  • 25 |
A set of painted shelves at the foot of the junior bed provide more storage options.

  • 26 |
A round black upholstered stool coordinates with the black Mickey Mouse themed bed.

  • 27 |
The family bathroom has a coffee and cream colour combination.

  • 28 |
An espresso countertop runs the entire length of the bathroom, beneath a tinted mirror.

  • 29 |
A number of recessed lighting strips, located along the edge of the ceiling and behind the frameless wall mirror, cast soft illumination up and down the vanity wall.

  • 30 |
The bathroom faucets and towel rail have a black finish.

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