Studio Apartment With Glass Wall Bedroom A Swing In The Lounge

Studio Apartment With Glass Wall Bedroom  A Swing In The Lounge

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There are swing seats, and then there are seats that are a swing - it’s a subtle but clear difference that you’ll see illustrated in this quietly quirky 65 sq. m studio apartment located in Minsk, Belarus. Being of studio status, it has the completely open floor plan you’d expect, where you could just about watch your eggs cook from the end of your bed. However, to keep things a little more segregated, Zrobym Architects have incorporated a glass wall bedroom design into the layout. The home has a Scandi influence with a minimalist aesthetic, and a neutral palette of pale grey. Solid black accents punctuate the light scheme, whilst natural wood tone brings an earthy accent.

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Inside this studio apartment, we’re met with a laid-back mid century modern living room style. We first enter the lounge area via a very unusual seat that is actually a swing – or more accurately, a trapeze, with a narrow bar seat.

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Small modern wall sconces are poised to light the perimeter of the room, in a white colourway against pale grey walls.

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The herringbone flooring has a pale greyish grain to complement the wall decor. A grey area rug defines the lounge from the rest of the open plan space.

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An Eames style walnut stool is positioned by the sofa. Its deep colour brings an earthy accent to the pale grey and white room.

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A small and slender black floor lamp provides task lighting by the sofa without taking up much floor space at all.

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The slender profile of the trapeze swing in the living room has a barely there presence. In fact, it doesn’t really obscure the view through to the home entryway at all. We can see decorative wall hooks mounted by the front door to receive coats. A green stool is positioned as a spot to put on shoes.

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A black leather accent chair has been coupled with a quirky reading lamp in the corner. A long black, white and wood console unit faces the sofa.

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White shutters dress the window, and a cast iron radiator complements the classic look.

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A pentagonal shaped pouffe adds a vibrant burst of red to the room. The low profile seat keeps the plan looking open and large. The full length mirror propped in the home entryway serves a few purposes: It provides a place to check your appearance on the way out the door, it reflects the lounge layout to visually double the space, and it bounces back the light from the window opposite.

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Behind the sofa, a second black and wood console unit provides more storage and acts as a low level room divider. The surface is kept clear except for one stylish table lamp; for more chic designs like this, take a look at some of our favourite luxury designer table lamps.

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Directly behind the living room sofa is a dining room and kitchen, and just off to one side lies the bedroom.

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The same herringbone floor runs throughout for a seamless and spacious looking finish.

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When opened up fully, the glass wall bedroom design appears like part of the same open plan room. In order not to disrupt the smooth herringbone floor design, the retractable doors are run along two tracks in the ceiling.

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One of the glass bedroom doors disappears completely from view of the main living room, tucked behind a solid part of the bedroom wall. When in this position, the door gives the illusion that it could be a closet. The bedclothes are grey to match the rest of the apartment decor. Modern artwork decorates the headboard.

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Six Scandinavian style chairs line up along the sides of a wooden dining table to provide a formal dining place, positioned between the kitchen diner and the lounge. Black modern dining pendant lights hang from a traditionally ornate ceiling rose over the eating spot.

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A kitchen island runs parallel to the dining table, with a couple of bar stools tucked in along one side for a more casual eating opportunity in the kitchen.

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A handy socket in the side of the kitchen island means that it can also be used as a laptop desk – or the socket can facilitate computer work at the adjacent kitchen table.

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The white kitchen island leads into an all white kitchen design with plain slab fronted units. Grey veined white marble covers the countertop, sink and a backsplash that trims all the way up to the ceiling including the underside of a soffit. A black faucet punctuates the light scheme, and a set of wood cutting boards add a little natural coloured warmth to the visual. If you like this look, take a look at these marble kitchens.

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An obscured glass door at the side of the kitchen leads directly into a bathroom.

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The white marble theme continues into the compact but luxurious looking bathroom. A freestanding bathtub is installed within a marble clad shower enclosure, where solid black fixtures bring a bold modern vibe.

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A vanity unit and toilet are both wall hung models to keep the floor area looking at its largest – it also makes cleaning a lot simpler.

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The vanity mirror is framed out in wood, and a wooden stool holds a soap dish within easy reach of the tub.

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