Easy Breezy And Bright Youthful Decor

Easy Breezy And Bright Youthful Decor

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A youthful space with quirky accents, this flat at Žižkov is situated within in a 1930s house. Designed by DDAANN architects for a married couple, the home was envisioned as a connected space that would be bathed in natural light. Herringbone wood flooring runs throughout the entire space, matching the edging detail of built-in furniture that is made from bleached birch plywood. White foil coating covers the bespoke furniture, matching the plain white walls that are seen in every direction in every room. Boldly colourful solo furniture pieces and bright unusual accessories in shades of orange, blue, red and yellow pepper the interior, giving the apartment decor an easy breezy fun factor.

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A free-flowing layout was achieved between the main living spaces by incorporating a huge bookcase. The sprawling shelving unit visually divides the open plan kitchen and lounge areas whilst still allowing sunlight to filter through its upper volumes. The ‘doorway’ to the lounge from the kitchen is a wide entrance with no closing doors.

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A neat settee, in highly saturated turquoise upholstery, dominates the sitting room. A blue decorative vase sits on a contrasting yellow serving tray, a retro color theme that flatters the mid century modern coffee table style. Contemporary art prints above the sofa and the black console unit draw all the hues of the living space together.

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To juxtapose the modernity, a heavy classic bust sculpture is displayed on a petite white and wood side table.

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On the kitchen side of the bespoke bookcase, banquette seating has been set into the stacks. The seat bench and its back has been upholstered in tangerine leatherette.

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Plants are a main theme that weave through the home, adding life and feathered edges.

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The white one-wall kitchen is decorated with pale blue wall tiles, which allow the tangerine book nook to remain the focal point of the kitchen diner space. Two black swing arm wall lamps are mounted over the white kitchen counter as repositionable task lighting.

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Two black dining chairs match the black swing arm wall lamps, seated on the opposite side of a simple wooden dining table. A watering can sits on display on a low shelf, close to hand for giving the house plants a quick drink.

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A bell jar acts as an unusual take on a fruit bowl at one side of the rectangular dining table.

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Copper pendant lights hang in a central line down the room, and match with the orange accent colour of the built in seating. Another small black swing arm wall lamp is set within the seat design so that it may also be used as a cosy reading nook. Whilst the white bookshelves are not typically used to house kitchen supplies, the matching furniture style has them appear as part of the neighbouring white kitchen.

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A collection of decorative and treasured items fill the cube shaped shelving nooks of the bookcase, as well as a few plants and of course, books.

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A retro style refrigerator and a red kitchen weighing scale add a little extra flavour to the simple looking cooking space.

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A wooden wall shelf runs along the top of the light blue kitchen tiles. The open kitchen shelving holds an array of dry food supplies in glass decanters, plus a colourful selection of ceramic bowls and cups.

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Bifold doors are accessible through the bespoke bookcase design. Past the shelves of intriguing book titles and animal sculptures, the doorway leads to a small bedroom.

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The bed takes up the entire width of the tiny bedroom that leads off the kitchen. Two small modern wall sconces shine soft light over each side of the bed; they can be repositioned to provide focussed reading light. A colourful patterned bed cover adds interest to the minimalist decor, along with a small piece of framed wall art over the basic headboard.

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From the entrance hall, doors lead to the open plan kitchen diner at the heart of the home, a compact dressing room, a WC and one well proportioned bedroom that can be utilised as a study. Inside the study a reading chair sits in an ideal brightly lit spot by the window.

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In the tiny room that links to the kitchen diner, an angled wall offers space for a bedroom vanity unit with a flip down dressing table. The large white unit is wall mounted above a cast iron radiator, and is paired with a wooden vanity chair.

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Pastel blue tiling creates a calming atmosphere in the bathroom. A halo of white light glows around the perimeter of the mirror. The rest of the room is lit by a generously sized window.

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The mirror in the small bedroom is situated within the vanity unit recess, which glows with warm white light.

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Blue tile covers the walls of a spacious shower unit.

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A traditional wood wardrobe creates concealed storage space in the hallway, next to a full length mirror.

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These floor plans show how two separate spaces were renovated into an adjoined bathroom. A doorway was sealed up in the first space and it became the new wash area, whilst the old bathroom was transformed into a large shower cubicle.

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