A Colour Rich Indian Home With Concrete Architecture And Interiors

A Colour Rich Indian Home With Concrete Architecture And Interiors

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Designed by Dipen Gada Associates, this modern house is composed of patterned concrete and exposed brick. Situated on a much loved 4010 square foot green plot in Vadodara, India, the ambitious goal of a 5350 square feet home was achieved by designing the dwelling as a 3 floor structure. The architect also satisfied a list of requirements which simply included 6 bedrooms, a home-theatre, living room, dining room, kitchen with store and utility area, lift, garden area, terrace garden and servant quarters. Exposed concrete is a strong visual inside the Patel’s residence too, utilised not just as a building material but as a substance of art to evoke atmosphere.

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By extending the structure to three stories high to achieve the desired square footage, the architect was able to sensitively accommode established trees on the plot.

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The cold look of concrete is jaxtaposed by rich wooden doors and colour dense glossy floors.

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Pre-existing trees have even been granted growth space through the very structure itself, by piercing great holes in concrete volumes. 17 out of 20 trees were saved on the plot.

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Much emphasis has been placed on the beauty of the established greenery, like this floor design in the courtyard that emanates from a grand old tree. The courtyard feeds natural light into the heart of the house, as well as being an escape channel for hot air. Rooms on all floors open toward the courtyard as a focal point, which also proposes opportunities of vertical interaction among the family.

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We witness a unity between strong cool concrete and the warmth of interior accents as we enter the home. Colourful artwork and accessories add layers to the design. Hardwood, kota stone, Italian marble and white ambaji marble span the floors. Throughout, you’ll find pieces that draw from a range of design eras – starting with these mid century modern dressers at the entrance.

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A spacious living room with an air of grandeur looks out onto the courtyard, and opens onto a deck overlooking a garden rich with trees.

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Colourful artwork towering into the rafters bedecks a stunning open plan dining room. Intricate patterned tiling brings art all the way down to floor level too, creating a beautiful stage to walk upon. A swing chair hovers above the attractive area so as not to break the pattern. The blue upholstery of the seat creates high contrast against the orange tone of the tile.

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A mezzanine level overlooks the double height dining room, making the upper floor at viewing height with the top of the tall wall art. Two levels of windows stream in copius amounts of natural sunlight. Dark wood clads the ceiling to visually cap the lofty area.

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An industrial style staircase rises through the home.

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A huge metalwork pendant light illuminates the centre of the staircase, casting a spotlight over a sculpture in pride of place. A star design on the floor acts as a plinth, adding further importance to the bold installation.

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The mezzanine level that overlooks the dining room holds a sophisticated sitting area, themed with red.

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2D shapes individually define a row of pendant lights along a landing, and hang in a loose cluster over the stairs. A spot of sunlight is cast onto the floor from a high circular window.

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A geometric design adds interest to an area of concrete ceiling in the hallway. Recessed spotlights are punched through. Interior glass doors are etched with pattern.

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Inside the first bedroom scheme we find another swing seat. This time the upholstery matches the beige and mocha colourway of the room. An expansive white headboard holds bedside table shelves as one continuous volume, backing onto a concrete feature wall.

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A second bedroom suite holds vibrant shades of orange complemented by warm wood tone.

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This bedroom has a softly glowing headboard wall, teamed with cornflower blue area rugs and a matching bed runner.

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Yellow is the key colour here, used over the covers of fashion forward geometric throw pillows, a bed cover and a modern reading chair.

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The last bedroom contains a retro travel theme. Pictures of Paris’s Eiffel Tower and London’s Big Ben adorn the walls. A large retro clock brings character to a plain white wall.

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The blue bathroom is a unique space.

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A fretwork wall breaks away in a delicate uneven edge. A hexagonal mirror echoes the fretwork design. A traditional vanity unit has been given an eclectic edge with the addition of a colourful contemporary basin and a highly modern white faucet. A green tidy tray throws another hue at the wash area, to tie in with colour rich artwork on a neighbouring wall.

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Concrete and blue wash up against one another over the bathroom walls and floor. Blue concrete steps lead up to a sunken jacuzzi style bathtub, nestled safely below the eyeline of a row of crystal clear picture windows.

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A second bathroom is a vision of matte gold.

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The home theatre is an impressive size, holding a large brown leather sofa and two red lounge chairs. A unique coffee table stands at its centre.

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Atmospheric lighting is diffused over wood clad movie theatre walls.

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A beautiful roof garden hides amongst the treetops.

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Bifold doors are retracted to create a dining deck looking out over lush green lawns.

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A subtle path winds across the roof terrace.

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The concrete facade and concrete volumes within the home are inspired by the works of S. H. Raza, and translated by the passion of the designer Dipen Gada.

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Check out this gorgeous video walkthrough of the home:

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