White Grey Interior Design In The Modern Minimalist Style

White  Grey Interior Design In The Modern Minimalist Style

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If you love the look of beautifully smooth grey and white interiors as we do, then this is a great set of inspirational home designs for you. Ranging from a dark moody grey apartment, moving through a couple of more balanced schemes and finishing off with a much lighter and brighter example of a space. This spectrum really has something to suit everybody’s grey loving tastes. Each of these four contemporary interiors also follow a minimalist style that fits with a modern lifestyle. Open plan living rooms where a sociable kitchen and dining space overlook a lounge area; serious home offices for working around the clock, large bedrooms and spacious bathrooms.

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  • Visualizer: Dekaa
House interior number one holds an all star grey composition. A cosy yet modern sofa, a soft area rug, curtains and wall paintwork are all smooth shades of grey. The single hued composition could fall flat if not for the purity of white elements that pepper the scene. White decorative vases, scatter cushions and a coffee table tray are all presented as unpatterned accents that lift the scheme by their very simplicity.

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The dining area is also a vision of pure uninterrupted white.

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A white dining table and dining chairs are situated directly by a white kitchen island. Above the square table, a cluster of suspension dining room pendant lights are coated in black with white interiors, which ties in with the high contrast monochrome scheme. The Flos Aim light has 3 LED light points to brighten the whole dining area.

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In the dark grey bedroom we find singular bedroom pendant lights that match the Flos Aim seen out in the dining room. They light the two white bedside units that run into the bed frame. At the headboard, a large piece of modern art adds another flash of white against the dark wall, and contrasts with textured heavy grey curtains.

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  • Visualizer: Maria Garkusha
Our second modern home pulls back on the grey in favour of more white. All white walls and a pale floor lay backdrop to a light grey sofa and pouffe, and a unique floor lamp with a charcoal shade.

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The modern sofa is an L-shape that acts as a divide between the lounge and kitchen space. In this home the dining room is slightly offset to one side of an open plan layout, yet still fully visible through large glazed exterior doors.

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The kitchen is a handle free, smooth fronted design in an ice white finish.

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In the dining area, a set of Scandinavian style chairs and table are the darkest items in the room. Two huge grey pendant lights add quirky disproportion to the room.

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Black window frames stand in stark contrast to a white bedroom scheme. Pale wood tone becomes the next most dominant colour in the room, with only a few items picked out in subtle grey tones.

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A sculptural chair sits in front of a teenagers closet, holding a grey cushion.

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In the master bedroom, a chair has a cushioned grey liner to complement smart dark grey bedclothes.

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A contemporary white vanity is wall mounted in the white bathroom.

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A pale grey bathroom floor matches the side of the bathtub.

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  • Visualizer: Marina Selivanova
A dreamy white and shiny welcome awaits in our third home tour. A very light grey sofa gives the scheme some weight, along with a small gallery of black and white photography, monochrome scatter cushions and a matching black fruit bowl.

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More modern black and white prints appear on an adjacent wall, as a triptych of swirling fish artwork.

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The only jot of colour added to this apartment scheme comes in the form of leafy green indoor plants.

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On the TV wall there is another selection of eye-catching monochrome art and a group of decorative vases.

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The lounge area has been divided from the home entryway with a built-in closet that has been fitted with mirrored doors. The floor in the entryway is white marble, which is replaced with white plank flooring as we move through into the lounge.

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A chest of drawers, shoe bench and coat rack are all matching in white.

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The kitchen is completely white with plain fronted units stacked floor to ceiling.

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  • Designer: Now Design
Our fourth and last snoop around is in an apartment that throws a good dose of black in amongst the balance of grey and white.

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Oversized dining table pendant lights plus a swing arm wall lamp in the lounge bring a darker tone to the proceedings. A wall of brown-black wood tone adds to the darker vibe.

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Eight grey dining chairs nestle around the circular dining table in front of a white kitchen.

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4 Poster beds add even more punch to a dramatic scheme, and this black framed one plays its part up perfectly up against shadowy wall panelling.

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The wall opposite the bed provides some light relief.

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In the home office we find a spot of colour in the form of a coral office chair.

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All of the working mess is hidden away in the minimalist office, in a bank of wall mounted concealed storage units.

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A deeply textured dark grey feature wall adds drama to the bathroom scheme.

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