Ritzy UK Home with Glam Metallic Accents

Ritzy UK Home with Glam Metallic Accents

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A super swanky interior awaits us in this ritzy home near London, UK, visualised by Polish firm KUOO Architects. The enormous project is filled wall to wall with expensive design choices. A neutral yet multi-tonal backdrop sets a serene scene in each room of the house. This relaxing decor falls far from flat, thanks to multiple bold metallic accents of shining gold, copper and rose gold. Much of the home is a light and dreamy affair but we also find deeper monochrome schemes here, in the form of a black bedroom and ensuite bathroom. The contrasting spaces create an overall balance of light and shade.

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First stop in this high-end home is an open plan family room, where the kitchen diner is visible behind an enormous modern sofa. The sprawling sectional seating provides space for all of the family to come together and relax or socialise, as well as a few friends too.

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A couple of unusual floor lamps keep the space under a cosy glow during the later hours, when no more natural sunlight spills through the floor to ceiling windows that run the length of the entire room. A contemporary letter box fireplace adds to the ambiance, set within a bespoke storage unit.

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A trio of unique coffee tables demand centre stage in the lounge, gleaming in gold. The largest is decorated with a set of small decorative vases, one with a casual sprig of greenery for effect.

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A huge floor rug defines the living room from the dining room and kitchen, keeping things cosy underfoot.

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Above an eight place dining table, two golden dining room pendant lights descend from traditional ceiling roses that add to the air of grandeur. The grey dining chairs are an upholstered design with arms, creating a comfortable dining experience that can be enjoyed through many dinner courses.

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The kitchen holds a huge central island on which to prepare dinner whilst chatting to family members or guests that sit at the nearby dining table.

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The kitchen island light is a long golden bar design that ties in with the golden dining room pendant lights and the three living room coffee tables.

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Four white kitchen bar stools line up along the central island, creating a more casual spot for dining, or to chat with the chef. These are the popular Last Minute Stool design by Patricia Urquiola.

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In the hallway a cascade of golden rings draws the eye up from the stark white floor and walls. A grey woodgrain staircase ascends to the next floor, shielded from the enormous hallway mirror by a partial dividing wall. Large glazed doors close off noise and draughts to each room whilst maintaining the open plan flow of the home.

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A second, smaller lounge space presents a more snug atmosphere. This is a quiet lounge space that has been combined with a home study area and library.

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Classical panelling decorates the wall behind the sofa. In front of the sofa, a small coffee table and two comfortable reading chairs offer up various reading spots, and present an opportunity for quiet meetings.

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Soft lighting washes down the walls of this home cinema room.

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A sectional sofa offers a multitude of sitting options for movie night.

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A small bathroom is clad floor to ceiling in marble.

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The master bedroom is a chic hideaway, furnished with a simple modern four poster bed. All attention is on two unique bedroom pendant lights that fill the vertical space above each bedside unit.

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An oversized ottoman acts as a central seat, providing comfort when undressing for bed.

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Leading from the master bedroom is a lavish ensuite bathroom, filled with white marble and copper accents.

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A contemporary bathtub is pushed up against the window, so that the bather may enjoy the private views of the countryside. If you like this design, then take a look at these beautiful bathrooms with bathtubs.

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Curtains can be drawn across the bathroom windows if more privacy is required.

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Another bedroom holds a wall mounted worksurface, with a dual purpose suggested by the two desk chairs. One end acts as a study area whilst the other end is a dressing table.

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A fun personalised neon light names the owner of the bedroom.

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One corner has been partially painted in copper, picking out some decorative beading. Matching side tables emphasize the glitzy theme – complete with perfectly coordinated sputnik chandeliers above.

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Two rose gold round mirrors hang over the vanity unit in this bathroom, perfectly matching the metallic tone of the unique faucets and toiletries tray.

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The shower fixtures follow the rose gold trend.

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A child’s room follows a very mature colour pallette but is given a more playful look with the introduction of four cloud-shaped wall shelves.

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A child’s desk stands under the window, benefitting from the natural light over the work/drawing area.

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Thiskid’s room decor could act as a blank page onto which a child might add their own taste as they grow.

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A large cloud light hangs over a day bed.

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The child’s room has an ensuite bathroom too.

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The kid’s ensuite has an ageless, neutral decor; the only hint that this is a child’s ensuite is the booster stool at the basin.

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In a detour from the light and bright room decor found in the rest of the home, this bedroom brings a darker vibe.

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An extruded feature covers the headboard wall.

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The bedroom pendant lights have an industrial look not found in the rest of the home. This particular design is the AIM pendant.

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The ensuite matches the dark palette found in the bedroom, with black framing and ceramics.

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The black vanity completes the monochrome look.

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