A Bali Jungle Retreat Surrounded by Lush Greenery

A Bali Jungle Retreat Surrounded by Lush Greenery

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When you imagine a trip to Bali, you may think first of lying on white sand beaches in the shade of tall palms. But a bit away from the water is where the magic can really happen. The jungles of Bali are rich with greenery and wildlife -- and if youre lucky enough, you may even find yourself at one of the islands most luxurious estates, nestled right into that jungle. The home featured here is just such a retreat. Featuring a sparkling clear infinity pool, an outdoor bath, and plenty of indoor space for the long and luxurious evening of a vacation, this home is a true treasure, as youll see in the photos from photographer Daniel Koh.

  • 1 |
Upon first view, there is a very clear reason that this house is known as “The Chameleon.”

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Greenery from the surrounding jungle creeps right up to the infinity pool and dangles tantalizingly over the edge of the roof.

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You can also see how the house’s five bedrooms open up directly onto jungle views.

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Decks on each level overlook the pool and the unmatched jungles vistas below.

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Inside, attention to the surrounding environment is apparent in the interior choices.

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Natural wood is found on so many surfaces, bringing the warmth and comfort of nature indoors for the evening.

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Steps leading outside seem to nearly melt into the landscape, making this home feel even more special.

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But the inclusion of natural materials does not mean the exclusion of beautiful decor, including this rustic coffee table and low slung chair.

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Well-positioned mirrors reflect the jungle greenery directly into the main living space.

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Everywhere you turn is a new opportunity to see a different angle on the spectacular views.

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The importance of the outdoor space is further emphasized by the small nooks and crannies that are part of the architecture, like this cozy garden.

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From certain angles, the home becomes a part of the mountain, both a retreat from civilization and a safe place.

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The home is just a short drive from the resort village of Canngu, but leaving this house may be more difficult than hopping in the car.

  • 14 |
Why get in a car when you could just as easily soak in the tub?

  • 15 |
Contemporary furniture choices, like this interesting floor lamp, contrast with more rustic pieces like the day bed over which it hangs.

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But it is difficult to argue with a bedroom like this, surrounded with warm wood and waking to the sounds and smells of nature.

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Indeed, a relaxing bath in this tub would be a particularly unique way to commune with the surrounding wildlife.

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A stunning stone sink and light fixture look as though they would be just as comfortable in a museum as in this villa.

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A few steps outdoors and you could easily lose yourself (but not get lost) in green.

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An evening bonfire is a perfect way to commune with friends and family that have spent the day in separate pools, tubs, and oceans.

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And a quick snack at the kitchen counter could end the perfect day.

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Artistic additions like this patterned wall just serve to make the natural beauty that much more stunning.

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