Superhero Wall Shelves for Kids of All Ages

Superhero Wall Shelves for Kids of All Ages

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As far as mainstream entertainment goes, there seems to be nothing quite so popular recently as the superhero franchise. Every time you drive by a movie theatre marquee, there is another superhero movie debuting and ultimately raking in the dough at the box office.It’s no surprise why these movies are so popular — they give children and adults alike an exciting escape into a world where things are as simple as good vs. evil and usually, good gets to win. The popularity of these film franchises, as well as the television shows, merchandise, and of course comics that go along with them have also led to a demand for superhero home decor. In this post, we’re featuring a number of wall shelves, all based on the logos for famous superheroes or superhero collectives, designed by visualizer Burak Doğan. Take a look.

  • 1 |
The first shelves featured use the logo for SHIELD.

  • 2 |
First introduced in 1965, SHIELD stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division.

  • 3 |
The SHIELD logo and characters found a new and younger audience recently with the Joss Whedon-helmed television series.

  • 4 |
Any fan of that show, or the comics it was based on, would love this creative addition to their home decor.

  • 5 |
While SHIELD may have somewhat wide recognition, it’s nothing compared to the popularity of the Avengers.

  • 6 |
From the first major Avengers film to spin offs and prequels like Iron Man and Thor, the Avengers are wildly popular.

  • 7 |
The shelves featuring the Avengers logo are simple and offer a pop of a primary color.

  • 8 |
One design even has shelves winging out from the main logo, for a bit more practicality.

  • 9 |
To be honest, the Spider-Man logo doesn’t make terribly practical shelving.

  • 10 |
However, the unique shape of the logo for the famous web-slinger definitely makes for a conversation piece.

  • 11 |
In a couple of the designs, the designer even incorporates webbing.

  • 12 |
And while the white logo is a bit more subtle, it’s also a little bit haunting.

  • 13 |
What better way to celebrate your patriotism and your love of comics than with shelves inspired by Captain America.

  • 14 |
With his own film franchise as well as a big part in the smash hit Wonder Woman movie, Captain America has really found his stride.

  • 15 |
The star spangled logo makes for a few cute nooks for displaying trinkets.

  • 16 |
Two color palettes mean you don’t have to love the red, white, and blue scheme to love the hero.

  • 17 |
Some would argue that it was Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies that really started the superhero franchise train going full steam ahead.

  • 18 |
The Batman shelves featured here are a bit wild and seem to include their own gadget belts.

  • 19 |
There is even a colorful option for those that don’t like the dark part of the Dark Knight.

  • 20 |
A light mounted behind the shelf highlights its unique shape even more.

  • 21 |
No superhero post would be complete without Superman.

  • 22 |
His “S” logo is recognized worldwide and would certainly be a hit on your wall.

  • 23 |
The darker side of the Man of Steel is represented in the darker shelves.

  • 24 |
For a little more practical storage, shelves can be added off the sides as well.

  • 25 |
Finally getting some of her due credit in the superhero lexicon is Wonder Woman.

  • 26 |
Her logo is instantly recognizable and inspiring.

  • 27 |
The classic red and yellow combo is bright and playful.

  • 28 |
Any little girl or inspired woman would love this shelving option.

  • 29 |
The Flash has a logo that could even be mistaken for something non-comic related.

  • 30 |
The bright lightning bolt is a universal symbol of electricity and power.

  • 31 |
The design of this one can also play with the colors used.

  • 32 |
Without the surrounding shield, it’s not much of a shelf but it’s a very cool decor option.

  • 33 |
The Aquaman logo is perhaps not as instantly recognizable as some of his superhero counterparts.

  • 34 |
However, the simple logo does make for a pretty effective shelf.

  • 35 |
Rearranging the shelves inside offer different configurations.

  • 36 |
Ultimately, this is a classy looking shelf whether you’re into superheroes or not.

  • 37 |
The Green Arrow logo is certainly on the nose with its design.

  • 38 |
A bright green color in an arrow shape is nice for displaying a few small items.

  • 39 |
The addition of a small tail gives even more shelf space.

  • 40 |
This simplified option is even more subtle.

Unfortunately, for now these are just visualizations by the artist and are not available for sale. But if you are looking for purchasable superhero themed home decor do check out our post on
Superhero Home Decor For Themed Rooms And Parties.

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