Take a Tour Through Americas Ultimate Dream Residence

Take a Tour Through Americas Ultimate Dream Residence

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What does your dream house look like? After looking through this gallery, we can guarantee that your dream house is going to look something like this. This masterpiece of design and architecture is located in Los Angeles most exclusive enclave: Bel Air. Listed on The Pinnacle List, this residence is the pinnacle of everything luxurious and modern. Every element and room has been designed and planned with the utmost care and at a staggering selling price of $250 million, its a home built for the one percent of the one percent.

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Consisting of 2 extravagant master suites, 10 VIP suites, 21 luxurious bathrooms, 3 fully equipped kitchens, 5 bars, wellness spa, private fitness center, 85-foot glass tile pool, 40-seat 4K Dolby Atmos home theatre, four-lane bowling lounge, auto gallery with cars valued at over $30 million, seven person full-time staff, over 100 art installations, outdoor hydraulic pop-up theatre, 2 expansive wine/champagne cellars, gigantic candy wall, and the leading home tech system in America- this home proves that you can’t have too much of a good thing.

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Enhancing the exclusivity factor of the residence, the main sitting area has been cordoned off VIP style. The floors have been adorned with a luxuriously plush carpet and the walls boast beautiful contemporary art pieces.

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A home like this was built to show off and every aspect ensures that guests are welcome. The bar is well stocked and provides ample space for mingling, not limiting the number guests that the homeowner will be able to invite.

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The house makes masterful use of chrome and LED lighting to emphasize it’s modern design. The home even has it’s own helipad, because why not?

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Tired of the view? Just watch a little TV!

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A 270 degree view accompanies every aspect of the house. From city to ocean, you’ll see all of Los Angeles from the comfort of a designer couch.

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Art is a major part of the house’s appeal. From ornaments to furniture, this house is an artistic dream.

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Designed for the hardworking breadwinner, this study is spacious and remarkable. With massive glass doors for a breath of fresh air and to incorporate the outside decor into the room’s design.

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This isn’t any old bowling alley, this is a four-lane bowling lounge. This is how the other half lives, and we can’t be more envious! The sumptuous animal furs and carpet complements the glossy wooden panels, creating a warm and comfortable ambience.

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Able to seat 40 people comfortably, this state-of-the-art theatre guarantees the best cinematic experience ever. This is the way your favorite movie was meant to be watched.

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The private car gallery looks like a catalogue from the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the most exclusive car show in the world that hosts only the crème de la crème of automobile connoisseurs.

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The game room has the most delicious accent wall in the world. With all sorts of yummy treats to snack on when a sweet tooth makes a demand.

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A state of the art fitness center allows you to make full use of the candy wall without feeling too guilty. A contrasting dark and light color palette with mirror accents and artistic decor take this home gym to a whole other level and makes it a worthy addition to the house.

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A personal wellness center is just what the doctor ordered, no multi-million dollar mansion would be complete without one of these. This is arguably the most refreshing room in the house, easing the stressful mind of the hardworking homeowner.

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Wine cellars have been an integral part of luxurious estates for centuries. This cellar reads like a who’s-who list of all the finest wine brands. It’s the connoisseur’s fantasy room.

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Seven dwarves in interactive photo frames add a certain whimsy to this beautiful marvel.

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Each floor of this fantastic abode has been carefully crafted to create a veritable playground for the ultra rich homeowner who wants his money’s worth. It’s a drool worthy dream home that will feature in quite a few imaginative daydreams. Not all of us can afford a 250 million dollar home, but you could incorporate some of the fascinating design elements into your own home.

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