Cat Owners Cramped Apartment Gets Room to Breathe

Cat Owners Cramped Apartment Gets Room to Breathe

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Theres nothing as frustrating as not having enough space to move. We werent created to exist in tiny spaces crammed full of our belongings. The problem becomes even worse when you have cats, which are naturally mischievous animals. This is the problem that a homeowner in central Taipei, where space is limited, faced. That is, until Taiwanese based design company, ST Design Studio transformed the small space into a sleek, functional loft. This loft is now an open and integrated space that caters to the homeowners lifestyle. Providing light and organic beauty against an urban backdrop, while accounting for the habits and activities of his two cats.

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To achieve the design concept, and most of the walls have been removed to extend the line of sight, creating the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is and removing the cramped atmosphere. The original windows have been left uncovered to allow light from the street to permeate the room, incorporating the city scape into the decor.

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One of the most important design aspects is the series of custom white tubing fixed onto the walls with either storage or display functions. The main function of the tubing here is as a substitute for a wardrobe. The lack of a wardrobe clears up floor space, and incorporates the homeowner’s personal style into part of the room’s decor. The tubing in front of the French windows provides space to hang the plants, where they are easily noticed, easy to maintain and out of reach from kitty’s curious paws.

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The loft’s color scheme is very light, relying on contrasts and accent pieces to give the room personality. Choosing to make the walls white makes the room look clean and seem bigger. The gray wall prevents the white from becoming overpowering and looking clinical.

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Shelves are an ingenious way of storing belongings in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. By attaching the shelves to adjustable irons allows the homeowner to rearrange to wall when inspiration strikes and is a fascinating play area for furry roommates.

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A variety of books and collectible toys furnish color to the room and reflect the homeowner’s personality, turning the shelves into an accent wall.

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The indoor plants compensate for the lack of green outside, allowing the homeowner to come home to a refreshing oasis in the middle of an urban jungle.

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The room has many industrial elements that make a daring statement without being too obvious. From the custom tubing to the paint-splattered step ladder, the room has a subtle current of antique industrial chic.

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A large black lamp ensures that the room will receive enough light after dark and changes a simple table into an ideal place to work or study should the need arise. A small table and chairs set doubles as a dining space and a work table. Two different types of wood also make it a unique aspect to the room.

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An independent black cabinet divides the bedroom from the living room, affording the bed area a measure of privacy, by separating the bed from the living area. This is a good idea for a person with an active social life. A light sofa with wooden legs ties into the natural feel of the room reveals more floor space, and doesn’t clutter the room.

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The bedroom is located to the side, from the right to the left so that the more direct line of sight is focused on the living area.

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A white chest of drawers doesn’t draw too much attention, allowing the room to retain it’s simplicity and gives the homeowner more storage space. By attaching a light wooden sliding door to the wardrobe saves space and prevents the white from becoming overpowering without detracting attention from the view.

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A wooden board painted blue with adjustable wooden pegs is a fun way to not only add color to room but to also store personal items and make them part of the decor. Personal items used in place of chunky ornaments for decoration uses up less space.

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The custom white tubing extends to this area to create more wardrobe space, combined with the vintage lamps continues the industrial vintage theme.

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Simplicity in the bed area draws the eye to the window, which is the focal point of the room and unites the bed area with the rest of the loft.

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To conserve space, the designers worked with the angles provided by thee original walls. The slanted bed side table is a sophisticated piece that works with the space. A mirror with a wooden frame adds subtle depth to the room keeps it from looking incomplete.

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In order to prevent the white-gray color palette and rough industrial elements from making the space look too cold, designers chose a natural oak island-type flooring to balance the overall texture and makes the room look more warm and detailed.

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Materials and furniture with an industrial approach along with the tubing and antique-class industrial style lighting bring this clean space more in line with the owner’s personal adventurous taste.

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White tiles are a classic Custom white tubing attached to the wall. equips the bathroom with towel rails.

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A custom black shower and industrial hand-washing sinks with chrome fittings carry the industrial concept into the bathroom. Floating vanities ensure additional floor space, making the bathroom seem bigger.

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The simple black hexagonal tiled floor adds color to the bathroom, and contrasts pleasantly with the white walls. The hanging plants and wooden shelves add organic warmth to what would be an otherwise cold and impersonal room.

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Before it’s renovation, the apartment had been divided into four different rooms making an already small space seem smaller and restricted the movements of the occupant and his two cats.

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After it’s renovation, the now mini-loft has a total of two rooms. The apartment is now more spacious and adaptable to the needs of the owner. A stylish, modern retreat in a cluttered and hectic world.

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