An Industrial Home With Warm Hues

An Industrial Home With Warm Hues

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Designed by Dmitry Sheleg and ZROBYM Architects, this 280 square meter interior in Minsk attempts to shatter the stereotypes associated with industrial-influenced interiors while still embracing the features that make the style so popular with modern design fans. It maintains the mainstays of industrial decor such as the extensive use of unfinished concrete and exposed ductwork but makes a more comfortable impression thanks to its warm color theme and comfortable furniture choices. If youve been looking for a way to combine urban sensibilities and traditional accents, this interior is definitely work a look.

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Texture rules this home design. Concrete cladding captures the eye with a mottled finish, while the distressed wood floors imitate the effects of age. Unfinished wood offers up organic warmth and soft textiles comfort the resident without sacrificing an ounce of contemporary style.

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While many industrial inspired interiors stick to greyscale themes, this one embraces warm tones with a rich and layered oxidized finish. It’s a nice way to bring classic style to an otherwise ultra-modern theme.

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The occasional spot of greenery also helps make this space more comfortable than the typical minimalist-modern industrial loft. Houseplants don’t overwhelm the original intent but rather soften it.

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Chalkboard cabinetry looks so great here! Even without the writing and illustrations, the textural matte black surface looks right at home.

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Tall ceilings are difficult to decorate. This space makes good use of exposed ductwork, smartly routed conduit, and creative lighting fixtures.

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Wheels aren’t just a convenient choice for the dining table – they definitely contribute to the utilitarian industrial vibe as well. Midcentury chairs from Eames and Pauchard add just a touch of vintage charm.

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Even the staircase gets on board with the theme thanks to stylish yet sturdy support cables.

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Upstairs, the bedroom makes a strong first impression with chain link fence over exposed brick. A vertical garden reinforces the urban aesthetic.

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The opposite side of the room remains simple to minimize distraction. The eye naturally rests on the soothing flicker of the fireplace, sure to lull the resident into a comfortable slumber.

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Chain link even wraps around to the ceiling, providing a brilliant scaffold for moody Edison bulb pendants.

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Overall, the bedroom remains surprisingly calm and versatile despite its bold industrial influence.

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The office absolutely takes a few risks to achieve its technical aesthetic – the result is creative and engaging, but doesn’t overwhelm the eye or distract the resident from the important work to be done.

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Geometric chairs clad in wood provide a comfortable meeting point for family or business guests, set against a dramatic backdrop of chain link over exposed concrete.

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Colorful accents and artwork draw attention to the work area where a rivet-effect desk almost brings to mind an aeronautic aesthetic.

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Storage begins on one side of the desk and wraps around top. The high areas might not be easy for just anyone to access, but it makes a nice out-of-the-way space to store rarely used materials.

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The tour winds down with an extensive look at the innovative bathroom areas. The tub luxuriates between wraparound windows, seeming to float above the raised platform thanks to LED strips below.

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Exposed brick, an oxidized barrel trash bin, and cinderblock-influenced shelving drive the theme home in a big way.

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Despite the lack of artwork or obvious ornamentation, it would be difficult to call this bathroom minimalistic.

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Do you remember the oxidized panels in the living room? The warm tone returns to smooth the transition from concrete to brick.

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Although the interior architecture is impressive throughout the entire home, these spaces where the ceiling pulls away from the wall are especially inspiring.

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Love the industrial feel? Try bringing it to your home with these industrial style furniture.

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