Nordic Decor Inspiration In Two Colorful Homes

Nordic Decor Inspiration In Two Colorful Homes

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Nordic design has profoundly influenced the aesthetics of the modern world – from typography to art and architecture and, of course, the objects inside our homes. This post tours two bright and colorful interiors decorated by Taiwanese design firm Nordico, whose creatives developed their signature look to reflect a fresh and contemporary interpretation of Nordic styling. And if youre looking for Nordic furniture inspiration for your own interior, youll be glad to find the names of select designers beneath many of the images so you can infuse your own home with sunny appeal.

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  • Designer: Nordico
This lovely interior stays true to the fundamentals of Nordic design with simple forms, bright surfaces, and a casual yet coordinated feel. But it also challenges many preconceived notions found in the magazines, forgoing minimalism in favor of curated ornament and bright colors – it’s a more realistic reflection of everyday decor in the north, and the result really feels like home.

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Almost every color of the rainbow makes an appearance. In colder climates, where the winters are long and dark, these cheerful tones help to ease the burden.

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  • Designer: Nordico
Not only does the open layout bring sunlight deep into the home, it also allows residents to stay in communication with guests as they watch television or keep an eye on the children as they complete homework in the office.

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This substantial brick wall provides visual warmth and helps to separate the entryway from the rest of the living area. The double-sided railway clock allows residents to check the time as they enter or leave the home.

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While the living room is exceptionally vibrant, color blocking still plays an important role in the design. The living room relies primarily on blues – the dining and kitchen, red.

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Looking for a statement chair? This lovely teal lounge is a design by Hee Welling, from his About A Lounge series.

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Irregular geometric tiles draw attention to the kitchen floor, a feature often overlooked in open layout homes.

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Eclectic chairs always make a dining room look so fun and carefree. This collection spans from classic to contemporary, from Danish designers like Poul M. Volther and Jorgen Baekmark along with a newer design from London-based Sebastian Wrong.

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The oversized pendant lamps definitely embody the smooth and functional shapes associated with Nordic design. They’re from the Bell Lamp collection by Copenhagen-based designers Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck.

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Don’t you love this distinctive platter? It imitates the distinctive curves of the famous Savoy Vase by renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

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The print on the wall also pays homage to Alvar Aalto with a minimalist depiction of his popular Beehive lamp design.

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Sebastian Herkner’s smoky Oda table lamp offers soft illumination near the entrance.

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And a bench makes it easy for the residents to slip off their shoes after coming home from a hard day at work.

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Overlooking the living room, this office makes the work-from-home lifestyle look exceptionally comfortable.

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Expansive storage holds all of the reference materials the resident could need.

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Dalecarlian horses, or Dala horses, are known around the world as one of the most beloved and popular Swedish crafts. They originated in the Dalarna province and quickly became a cottage industry with its own rich traditions that vary by region.

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At the entrance, eclectic tiles provide an overview of the colors and playful decor to be found within.

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This comfortable bedroom catches the eye with rich patterns against a wooden headboard. Blue, green, and yellow accents continue the palette that began in the living room.

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While many bedrooms today hang a television at the foot of the bed, this room keeps things simple with expansive storage. But it’s not boring – we love the decorative niche with its illuminated birdcage.

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Creative faux taxidermy offers a comfortable alternative to the trophies found in Nordic hunting cabins.

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Here’s a look at the second bedroom. Typography naturally meshes well with streamlined Scandinavian styles. Words draw the eye naturally without the need for superficial ornament.

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While the previous home cultivated a relaxed aesthetic, this interior takes a more adventurous approach with vivid colors and exceptional bold patterns. White walls are a hallmark of Nordic design, but they play an especially important role in this home: superficial decoration would have distracted from the brilliant furniture and textile compositions that define each functional area. The spaces between remain free and open, uncluttered, and perfectly representative of streamlined Nordic style ideals.

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The palette brings to mind the colorful rows of homes found in coastal Nordic cities – a tradition brings life to dark northern winters. These colors seem to speak to the welcome sunshine and wildflowers of summer, reinforced by the lively floral arrangements scattered throughout.

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Nearly all of the furniture in the living room enjoys the soft effect of rounded edges. Sweeping curves are a popular feature in Nordic furniture design, especially since the height of the Mid Century Modern era.

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While the curves play a prominent role in the aesthetic, the room avoids looking overly retro thanks to contrast created by linear elements like the rug, shelves, and blinds.

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Both tables are from Danish designer Thomas Bentzen. The yellow is from his Don’t Leave Me series, and the green table is called Around. The super-useful basket/table combination is from Scandinavian design brand Ferm Living.

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Built-in shelves serve as a decorative catchall near the entryway, while this mid century modern dresser extends storage to unused space behind the sofa.

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This is incredibly adorable! Young residents get to enjoy their own tiny living room thanks to miniature versions of iconic designer chairs.

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Varied dividers add playful appeal to the bookshelf. Kids can reach up and enjoy their favorite books or play with the colorful Dala horses.

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A small kitchen and dining area take advantage of the darker and more intimate part of the open plan living room, positioned just right to overlook all the activity.

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Eclectic tiles brighten the backsplash, uniting the pastel color palette of the dining area with the bright tones in the living room.

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Light is so important to nay dining room arrangement. This one uses three overhead pendants the brighten the tabletop and charming green runner.

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What a charming bedroom! The overall theme is simple and comfortable, with a few modern geometric motifs thrown in for effect.

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Another room, pretty as can be, pairs bright child-friendly furniture with pastel walls and a whimsical canopy.

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This bedroom is fresher and simpler, likely decorated for an older child that has an interest in gardening. Just look at all those rustic-tin potted plants.

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It’s nice for the kids to have sleek and distraction-free bedrooms, but they do need somewhere to do their homework. This cozy office is perfect for projects and after-school reading.

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And finally, the tour ends back at the entrance of the home.

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