3 Chic Modern Eclectic Spaces

3 Chic Modern  Eclectic Spaces

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White washed brick, wood-tones, the perfect mix of funky and chic --these spaces boast all of that and more! While each is eclectic, they play upon this feeling with their own sense of variety and by mixing and matching colors, patterns, and layers. But this effortless look actually takes some careful calculations like taking into account space and natural light. Once youve got the basics down though, you too can achieve an effortlessly chic looking space. So read ahead to admire and learn from some wonderfully modern eclectic spaces.

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  • Designer: Elena Vasylieva
This space is packed with pattern, texture, and beautifully neutral and muted bright colors. The room is chic and boasts a Chelsea Manhattan feel.

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The space may be tight — but the designer’s integrated the spaces perfectly, as if it’s suppose to be that snug and cozy. The way the paintings are layered, and appear to be just placed there randomly also extends into the dining space, drawing the two together further.

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We are obsessed with these chairs. There are so many elements to them that just work for the space. Firstly their acrylic see-through mold doesn’t take up much visual space in these already tight corners, plus the chartruce-yellow color adds to the eclectic feel.

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Now this is how you do wood paneling. The once out of date panels are coming back into style with a chic modern upgrade. Pairing them against sleek objects and light colors as they’ve done here adds character and a bit of eclectic whimsy.

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The wood paneling from the tv area runs through to the kitchen, adding continuity. The panels also look great against those white cabinets which really make the space feel nice and airy despite it’s small size.

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Look at that incredible lighting in this hallway! Hallways are a great place to add interesting lighting, or even in a pattern like this because you can see it from down the hall — drawing you into the space.

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The neutral colors of this bedroom make it the perfect place to curl up after a long day. Crisp white accents and some color pops like in the chair and lights add a bit more fun to the space.

  • 8 |
From here you can see the pops of color coming into play. The red chair is a great color, and the cut-outs add a modern twist to this otherwise cozy space.

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These built ins are brilliant. To the left is a great little makeup vanity table, and to the right is a spot for the TV, books, and other storage. It’s all tight, compact, and the white is the same as those in the kitchen and living room.

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There’s nothing like white-washed brick. The accent wall adds a bit of that warehouse-loft feel while still remaining modern and airy.

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The built ins continue on the other side of the room with this great closet bedside table combo. It’s sleek and seamlessly fits in with the rest of the design. Plus it doesn’t take away from the accent wall.

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This big old sink is the perfect place to wash your worries down the drain at the end of the day.

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What a great idea for a sink! It looks like a folding table but intact it’s a high end basin — just another lovely detail in this eclectic space.

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The wood, slate tiles, and rocks make this space feel organic and spa like. The perfect place to unwind.

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  • Visualizer: Julia Tsyganov
This funky, eclectic space looks like it’s right out of a hipster haven in Brooklyn. Bike artwork throughout the space, exposed white-washed brick, and wood beams all add to the modern eclectic space.

  • 16 |
The space is overall warm and neutral with bits of glamour weaved throughout, like the chandelier and the modern fireplace.

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The saying that opposites attract is proven in this space. Whether it’s the mix of the woods, the modern lines of the couch and coffee table, or the stunning modern and chic mix of lighting — somehow it all works when put together.

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There isn’t all that much natural lighting in this space, but what little there is shines beautifully into the room illuminating the neutral accents.

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What’s that in the corner — exposed plywood? Yes, and it’s brilliant in this tiny modern, eclectic space. It adds whimsy, modernity, and the color with yellow undertones warms up the space.

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Those glass see-through tiles may remind you of the 1980’s, but hidden behind that bookshelf they add a ton of light, and a quirkiness to the room.

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They layers in this room are wonderfully orchestrated. From the layers in the bookshelf to the artwork display, you almost don’t know what delightful corner to look in first.

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Small but efficient.

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  • Visualizer: Studio Espace
This final space is much larger, and more modern than the previous two. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less eclectic. They’ve achieved this sense of coziness, and layers we expect from a modern eclectic space by weaving in bright colors and surprising accent pieces.

  • 24 |
The kitchen is the first example of surprising accent pieces. This kitchen is ultra modern and sleek but they’ve warmed it right up with warm wood to make it inviting. They’ve also added these stools that look like they’re out of an art studio, and are standing up on thin wires.

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This island is stunning! The combination of butchers block and wonderful stone is a beautiful juxtaposition that’s felt throughout the rest of the kitchen space.

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The stove hood looks like a piece of art. These functional kitchen necessities don’t have to be an eyesore, and the designer here’s made sure of that by having it’s design fit in with the rest of the space.

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What a view from the island! The white-washed brick walls with arched, and deep windowsills are stunning and add a bit of that whimsy that’s missing from the rest of the ultra-modern space. Plus, they look great up against the stone, geometric accent wall.

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Lighting is key to any space, and they’ve got it right here. The back lighting to the accent wall and the TV space is wonderfully illuminating and adds further dimension to the space.

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This dining set is stylish and the perfect eclectic piece for this space. It’s modern yet whimsical and it mirrors the feel of the rest of the open living space perfectly.

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The geometric lights above the dining table look great against the equally dark, but curved and sweeping lines of the chairs.

  • 31 |
The mix of curves, harsh lines and shapes makes this room unique and endlessly interesting.

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