Two Efficient Apartments For Families With Two Children

Two Efficient Apartments For Families With Two Children

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Designing a family apartment that meets the needs of parents, children, and future tenants is never easy but these gorgeous interiors rise to the challenge with style. The kid-friendly homes toured in this post accommodate the needs of two households with two small children each. Both feature minimalistic interior designs so the residents can fill in the blanks themselves, yet the features are already in line with the things growing families crave the most – ample storage space, room to roam and play, and comfortable places to retreat or spend time together in turn.

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  • Visualizer: Angelina Alekseeva
Practical, comfortable, and very relaxing – this apartment is a lovely space for a family that wants to cozy up in a calm refuge after dealing with a hectic day. Yellow accents help to lift the mood while simple white walls and wood accents leave plenty of room for imagination.

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Low furniture is easy for young ones to use. The faux fireplace most likely uses a convincing combination of water mist and light, perfectly safe for small children.

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It’s not a large living space but it manages to accomplish a lot – the kitchen, a breakfast table, and formal dining table also share the room.

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Replacing flowers is easier than replacing an expensive sculpture or painting. As long as they’re non-toxic, flowers are an ideal source of ephemeral decoration that kids can feel free to touch and enjoy.

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The chandelier over the table almost looks like a constellation chart or a creative game of connect-the-dots.

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This nursery is impossibly charming. Golden stars pepper the walls, viewable through the open roof of the house-shaped bedframe.

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A smart layout makes up for the lack of floor space. A chair positioned between the basinet and bed makes it easy to read bedtime stories to both children at once.

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Although the nursery contains two beds, the older child has a dedicated bedroom as well. Its layout emphasizes study and exploration – even the desk has a brilliant view to spark imagination while doing homework.

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School supplies are accessible under the desk, books reside on the creative open cabinetry attached to the headboard, and drawers beneath the bed make it easy to find extra blankets on laundry day.

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Of course, parents need a comfortable place to relax as well. This bedroom is fresh and refined, with a multipurpose writing desk / vanity making an efficient use of space.

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These round lamps seem very popular lately – both are from the IC collection by Michael Anastassiades.

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Growing families need as much space as they can get! This compact bathroom is inspiring in its efficiency, boasting all of the must-have bathroom features alongside laundry.

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And it’s stylish too, with rope and wicker features bringing out the natural beauty of the shower’s stone tiles.

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The other bathroom is more of an oasis. Wood paneling and potted plants bring a breath of fresh air, an organic contrast to the luxury of white marble cladding and stylish modern fixtures.

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Soaking in the bathtub is a great way to de-stress. Parents may not get many opportunities to indulge in this simple pleasure, so this sophisticated arrangement makes sure every moment counts.

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  • Visualizer: Nelly Prodan
Ordinarily, it would be difficult to maintain a true minimalist aesthetic in an apartment with two growing children but this space takes care to provide plenty of extra storage space to make picking up a little easier. Uncomplicated decoration and furniture themes do have a big upside in family homes – it leaves more room for play and creativity!

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Artwork remains simple and stylish. This painting serves an important purpose by pulling together the cream and gray color theme.

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Like the previous home, this apartment also includes a kitchen and dining area within the main workspace. When the residents need more space for meal preparation, they can move the stools to the other side of the breakfast bar.

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The floors add tons of character in the kitchen – the large individual tiles almost look like they’re composed of tiny stone mosaics.

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Uncomplicated by eye-candy, the dining arrangement places an emphasis on family time rather than design for design’s sake.

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Now for the most exciting part! The children share a bedroom filled with fun features and bright colors. Extra storage makes it easy for parents and kids to keep things tidy.

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A c-shaped desk follows the curvature of the bay window and gives the kids space to work on homework simultaneously without distracting each other.

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Fitness can be fun! The jungle gym has features for climbing, swinging, hanging, and playing – and the soft pad underneath provides a little peace of mind for parents.

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Artwork hangs on the designated wood accent wall, preventing pinholes and tape marks from showing up all over the room.

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At the end of a long day, parents can settle down in the comfort of their warm and comfortable bedroom. The textural accent wall is incredible – hexagons peek out at different elevations to create dramatic light and shadow.

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The subtle natural geometry theme continues with the storage cabinet.

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Without a television, parents can relax and enjoy their own thoughts or a good book without distraction.

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It’s interesting to see a blue rug in the middle of a room dominated by warm tones. The sense of contrast heightens the effect of both.

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Colorful tiles, a leaning wooden bookshelf, and a paned glass shower enclosure come together to weave an easygoing theme in bathroom – all of the charm of a country home, contained in a city apartment.

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