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Ultra Luxury Apartment Design

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Luxury homes are a great source of inspiration whether youre looking for a new style to adopt or just want to stay on top of rising trends. These high-end interiors often feature at least a few ideas a budget conscious decorator can adapt or recreate. This post features three ultra-luxurious apartments in detail, all from different parts of the world - New York, Iran, and Beirut. Each sophisticated interior demonstrates a unique aesthetic fully influenced by the interests and personalities of the residents themselves, rather than following the lead of the design magazines alone.

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  • Visualizer: Javier Wainstein
Our first luxury home is a concept for an apartment overlooking Central Park. Its strong Bauhaus themes contrast against a light and chic interior: natural materials, light textiles, utilitarian forms, and sharp angles come together to define a varied yet cohesive character within this stylish space.

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Living room furniture includes Bauhaus-inspired pieces like the Brooklyn Chair by Jean-Marie Massaud, a contemporary answer to the iconic Barcelona design. The lounge and sofa are from the Kekke and Fedde collections from Piet Boon.

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Three amazing modern chandeliers make an immediate impression. The piece in the foreground is by Brendan Ravenhill, the dining room light is from Workstead, and the far chandelier is from the Mimosa collection by Atelier Areti.

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A visitor will never run out of charming details to explore, and every glance reveals something new. The intricate level of detail makes the space feel comfortable and appealing despite its refined styling.

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Like the sofa, this side table is also from the Piet Boon collection – look for it under the name Klink.

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More fabulous details! Note the famous Bauhaus chess set in the black-framed niche to the left. It’s an iconic and functional design, with each figure serving as a visual representation of the moves each piece can make, like the L-shaped knight and the X-shaped bishops.

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Open and spacious, the dining room emphasizes its fabulous view of the park.

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Seating comes by way of the iconic Wishbone chair, a 1944 design by Hans Wegner.

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The cantilever theme works to create a sense of drama and movement, while light and classic forms offset the boldness of the artistic dining table.

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Large framed artwork provides a strong focal point from almost any angle.

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Who wouldn’t enjoy a view like that, especially from an interior as comfortable as this one?

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The kitchen takes a different and more straightforward approach to luxury, delineated by a complete transition from wood and steel to marble and copper.

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In a completely white-based space like this one, each metallic accent adds another layer of sophistication.

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As with the other living areas, the light materials and clean lines offer the perfect frame for the Central Park view.

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Stone, concrete, marble, brass, and white-painted exposed brick – the wide variety of materials seems to add a sense of layered complexity to create an aesthetic that leans just as much toward chic as it does luxury.

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Glass, ceramics, and chrome serve as secondary accents.

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Clever composition make it obvious that everything has its place – nothing is accidental. The result looks complete.

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We’ll conclude our look at this first home with a quick peek at the bedroom. The paper note chandelier by Ingo Maurer is an especially cool idea, and wouldn’t be too difficult to recreate as a DIY project. Hang doodles, kid’s drawings, inspirational messages, meaningful notes, etc.

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  • Architect: Tao Design
  • Designer: Azam Mohamed
The next luxury apartment is a penthouse for an art collector in Iran. The living room is swathed in organic materials and neutral natural tones, framed by a dramatic hallway in unforgettable black marble. This space also features a stunning view – some of the interior colors seem to echo the beach tones of the landscape.

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A spacious seating area spans almost the entire living area, the sharp angles of the furniture reflected by the paneled artwork and matching modular table set.

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Artwork lines the stunning dark hallway.

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A large floor-to-ceiling sculpture swirls around the curvaceous purple daybed, illuminated from the floor by recessed lighting.

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Black marble ties the formal dining room back into its surroundings. Above, spectacular lighting directs the eyes toward the table – the lights are from the Match series by Jordi Vilardell Meritxell Vidal.

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This bedroom makes good use of subdued yet strong materials to create a dark and inviting appeal.

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Imagine enjoying a nice read near the fire, with feet nestled into the textural carpet. Glass, steel, wood, and concrete come together to form a distinctive industrial motif.

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Now this is an inspiring and tasteful arrangement, and certainly fits the luxury motif – an espresso machine makes it possible to enjoy a delicious brew first thing in the morning, to be sipped near the bookshelf or perhaps while cuddled up in bed.

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To complete the theme of rest and relaxation, the bathroom even goes so far as to include a waterfall that cascades from the sink into the soak tub.

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  • Visualizer: I Max Studio
This tour of luxury ends with a gorgeous apartment in Beirut, defined by its contrast between classically inspired furniture and highly contemporary accessories. Built-in storage caters to the functional demands of a space as streamlined as this one, while the bold decorative elements serve as straightforward focal points.

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Notice how the cabinetry and storage layout almost perfectly echoes the one used in the living room – a surefire way to unify the visual experience across the vast open living area.

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A small social area occupies the space between the two main living areas, outlined by heavy marble. Its wooden floor offers a warmer and more comfortable aesthetic compared to the glossy tile on either side. The fabulously modern Lounge chairs are from the Tile collection by Jonas Søndergaard Nielsen.

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This short home tour ends at the kitchen. A generous marble table could easily double as a kitchen island due to its convenient location.

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