A Heavenly 2 Storey Home Under 500 square meters (With Floor Plan)

A Heavenly 2 Storey Home Under 500 square meters (With Floor Plan)

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When you arrive home after a long day, you want to be able to take a long exhale and relax into your surroundings. This house in Kiev, which measures 470 square meters (5059 square feet), feels deeply relaxing even at first glance. From the spacious living area to the cozy attic space, every design element from the architects and designers at Soesthetic Group is perfectly chosen for luxurious and calming atmosphere.

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An open floor plan is a trendy description when it comes to modern homes, but the spacious main living area here looks nearly timeless. A welcoming oatmeal colored sectional sofa offers the perfect place to collapse with friends. It melds and melts into the colors of the other pieces in the room, including a brownish grey area rug, a marble topped coffee table and simple wood bookshelves.

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The kitchen and dining area stick with the open plan, with a sizable but understated dining table and complementary breakfast bar. The kitchen is on the smaller side, but still offers enough space to prepare warm meals for all the friends that are sure to want to spend time in this lovely home.

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The home office is a bit darker than the rest of the home, with wood paneling on the walls. That is actually aligned with some thoughts on decorating a home office because it does allow for some separation between relaxing family areas and business time.

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The attic area of the house is still neutral and calming, but the pitched roof and white painted brick make it just a little bit cozier. It’s the perfect retreat for a teenage and her friends, with its own televisions and plenty of seating.

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A gorgeous, deep soaking tub and lovely natural wood paneling is perfectly simple.

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