3 White Apartments in Different Styles

3 White Apartments in Different Styles

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A blank canvas is white, but not every blank canvas is waiting for a brushstroke to make it complete. The three homes featured in this post are feature bright white walls, cool cream furniture, and plenty of blank open space. But the designs of these homes do not cry out for more color or more art, instead the white spaces open the home and help to turn the people who live there, who entertain there, and who visit there, into the real focal point of the design.

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  • Designer: Ando Studio
The first space, from designers at Ando Studio, uses white to create a truly posh look. In contrast to white molded walls and linen sofas, are a few bold black stripes and of course some gilded accents. An ornate mirror, a silvery candlestick, and even a striking rusted gear art piece/conversation starter each create their own force fields of interest, adding their personality to the otherwise white, chilled out space. With the addition of a plush purple modern wingback chair, this white house takes a turn towards contemporary royalty.

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  • Architect: Image Box Studios
The next home has that distinct Scandinavian style that we have come to know and love on this site. Coming from Image Box Studios, shades of white are the perfect complement to the minimalist style. Whitewashed wood floors add their own rustic flair, while such quirky pieces as a wireframe deer’s head and the oh-so-hip caged light bulb fixtures make the design perfectly homey, cozy, and warm.

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The faux deer head adds a special charm to the room. Do check out our post on faux deer head home decor if you want to look at ways to use it to enhance the appearance of your room.

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  • Designer: Fabrykabarw
The last apartment comes from the designers at Fabrykabarw. It measures 41 square meters (441 square feet) and is located in Warsaw, Poland. The space is designed for a couple that lives somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle and that certainly informed the interior choices made. The design is not the poshest (e.g., not the most expensive) but it works for the people who make it their home. The use of white makes it easier to switch things out and up either when the current occupants want to make a change or a new owner is ready to come in.

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