A Modern Home with Personality of Perfect for a Fun Couple

A Modern Home with Personality of Perfect for a Fun Couple

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While many of the homes on this site feature stunning architecture, insane design elements, and massive outdoor spaces, a home does not have to be aspirational to be inspirational. This home, from the team of architects and designers at 2B Group is beautiful. There is no denying the soothing simplicity of the design with plenty of bright white open space and exactly zero clutter. But the best part is how the quirky personality of the home is able to shine through in the creative and colorful elements without ever feeling overwhelming or forced.

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The main living area and open kitchen are a welcoming introduction to the home. This space draws the eye with vintage-inspired furniture, the butter yellow echoing iconic mid century modern sofastyles and the red table embracing atomic era geometry. An exposed brick accent wall balances the modern and retro with its timeless appeal.

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The reading nook by the window is another place that would be oh-so-easy to sink into for a long and lazy afternoon. The chaise is elevated off the ground, keeping it clean and warm. The bookshelves above are a cobbled together creation of vintage suitcases for a Pinterest-friendly DIY vibe along with some serious functionality.

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There is more brick – and more light – in the bedroom along with a zen space for study and work. Simple, clean elements like a polished tile floor and soft gray area rug keep the bedroom free from mess or distraction, making it an ideal space for relaxation.

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While there are a lot of cute and quirky features in the home, perhaps one of the cutest is this private dog bed that is build right into the wall. No home is complete without a comfortable place to sleep for every member of the family.

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