3 Stylish Industrial Inspired Loft Interiors

3 Stylish Industrial Inspired Loft Interiors

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Loft living is all the rage and its no surprise. After all, these types of homes can be extremely spacious with vaulted ceilings, lots of natural light, and endless design possibilities. One of the most popular design styles you will see in these loft spaces attempts to marry the industrial elements with the warmth and color of an artsy home. The three lofts in this post definitely manage to do that with great success, using art, accessories, furniture, and color that manages to turn these big empty areas in homes.

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  • Visualizer: Pavel Vetrov
The first loft comes from visualizer Pavel Vetrov. Rather than the typical concrete that you will find in many lofts, this particular space has a large amount of brick, which immediately gives it a leg up when it comes to warmth.

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Adding to the warm and welcoming feel is a soft, cozy sofa and armchair. However, not all the furniture in the house is quite so plush. The dining table and a sunny breakfast bar are welcoming in their own way, but hard backed chairs in molded composite and aluminum are more style-forward than soft.

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Exposed wood beams and beautiful hardwood floors complete the warm look, which also includes some fun elements like cardboard cutout mounted heads and graphic heavy wall art.

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  • Designer: Djordje Stevanovic
In the second loft, from designer Djordje Stevanovic, we get more exposed brick but the overall design is much more sleek and sophisticated than the first space. The color palette is very cool with gray wood floors, wood stamped concrete and neutral beige sofa. Custom shelving in black and white add a lot of personality on their own, putting books and tchotchkes on full display. Granite countertops in the kitchen complement the clear cabinetry, which is the only type allowed in a place this stylish.

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A dreamy reading nook by the window with a brown arm chair that looks like your grandmother knitted it for you is worth noting, too.

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  • Architect: Anjey Babych
The last loft has more of a sleek penthouse feel, but still incorporates some of the industrial loft elements. The Kiev apartment has an area of 170 square meters (1829 square feet) and calls all attention to the sweeping views the location affords. Lighting grows out of the ceiling like a circuit board and wood for the fireplace is stacked high and tight. Even the sofa is only completed by separate, disparate pieces notching together. This loft is a tribute to orderliness, to be sure.

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One favorite detail is the barstools that nestle under the stone breakfast bar. The seats are made from bicycle seats. It may not make for the most comfortable bowl of cereal, but it sure does look stylish.

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