Scandinavian Apartment With Adorable Art and Classic Colors

Scandinavian Apartment With Adorable Art and Classic Colors

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We have certainly seen some marvelous representations of the Scandinavian aesthetic on this blog before, but it is a theme that carries so well into modern design ideals and truly livable style that its worth revisiting. This apartment, with an interior designed by Duc Jimmi at Talenti Design, holds true to many of the elements that are so important in Scandinavian design including beautiful functionality, natural materials, and a creative use of color. While this particular apartment does not have the strict minimalism that many Scandinavian-inspired designs do, it still gives the impression of everything in its place, with a purpose and has enough whimsy to inspire a smile in any visitor.

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The main living area is not very large, but its open floorplan and coordinated color choices make each section of the space work well together. The living room takes hold of a mostly neutral palette, from a chevron striped area rug to a classic gray sofa. However, the contrast bursts of orange, by way of a throw pillow and arm chair is daringly bright and jovial.

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And of course, we cannot ignore the playful and adorable graphic art that decorates the sofa wall.

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In the dining area and kitchen black and white is once again central to the scheme with the ubiquitous Eames-style dining chairs and two decidedly Scandinavian black woven light fixtures. The sunlight pouring in from the kitchen is enough to brighten up the breakfast table in this otherwise enclosed room.

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The two bedrooms in the apartment and simple but comfortable. The first carries the same color palette in from the living room with black, white, gray, and orange. The bed dominates the small space, but there is still room for a tidy study area and private television.

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The other room is much brighter with a cotton candy pink gingham duvet. Along with the white walls, these color choices make the small room, which only one small clerestory window letting in light during the day. Of course, that does make for a cozy sleeping chamber after the sun goes down.

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