Bright and Sunny Amsterdam Apartment Renovation

Bright and Sunny Amsterdam Apartment Renovation

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Although it’s a beautiful and historic city, Amsterdam is also home to typically gloomy weather. This presented a challenge - and an inspiration - for the architects from MAMM Design when they were renovating this 85-year-old apartment that was exceptionally dreary. The team eventually took a cue from the homeowners’ desire for more sunlight and moved around the staircases, knocked down a few walls, and really opened the space up so that it is welcoming for every family member and visitors as well.

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The kitchen and bathroom are located around the center tower element and utilize the home’s pipe box that already ran through this space.

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White walls and plenty of vertical space also emphasize the overall area and make things feel sunny even when it may be overcast outside.

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We can easily see the way the space in the house flows, from inside the creatively sunken kitchen all the way out onto the terrace.

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A few carefully placed houseplants add a splash of greenery without becoming too much work for the homeowners.

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The open and airy living space on the main floor is kid friendly, yet sophisticated.

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Here we can peek into that centrally located bathroom area, which is convenient in terms of design and renovation, but also in terms of daily use.

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Various landings throughout the home make it easy for the family to communicate and see one another all day.

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The dark staircase that blocked so much overhead light in the previous design was removed and replaced with a simple metal grated stairway that climbs to the highest level of the home.

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In the perch above the kitchen, a simple playroom also lets in sunlight but is closed off enough that kids can play without fear of taking a tumble.

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Interior windows are another way light is allowed to travel through the home.

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The exterior does not betray the modern and spacious interior, but the floor plans offer insight as to how the whole project took shape.

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