Private Beach Villas Offer Spectacular Ocean Views and Luxurious Interiors

Private Beach Villas Offer Spectacular Ocean Views and Luxurious Interiors

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Once an area that many tourists were reluctant to visit, Vietnam has since become a tourist hub for travelers from around the world. One of the many attractions the Southeast Asian country offers is access to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. This cluster of beach villas, named Oceanique Villas, by MM+ Architects in Phan Thiet takes full advantage of these beautiful beaches. The villas look out onto the water from every possible angle. Visitors can easily swim in the scenic ocean or relax in a private pool or luxurious interior areas.

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The villas are located in Mui Ne on the southeast coast of the country where much of the beachfront property is dominated by large resorts and hotels.

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Instead of a highrise, this property features three villas that face the ocean and also offer privacy.

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Sliding doors offer plenty of fresh sea breezes for both levels of each villa.

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Each villa also offers its own private infinity pool and deck lounging area.

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Palm tree plantings and expansive grass keep the villas set back from the road and its inherent noise and traffic.

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Guests can relax and enjoy spectacular views at any time of day or night.

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Amazing sunsets are no surprise, but still make for lovely private moments.

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The villas are actually built six feet above beach level, so as to ensure maximum privacy for all visitors.

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Simple landscaping makes for a comfortable backyard area that also serve to separate the villas from the public beach and crowds.

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Interior staircases are open to the outdoors, allowing air and people to flow from one level to the next. They are also flanked by private garden areas for a lush, tropical atmosphere.

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The simple but beautiful wood elements tie together upper and lower level design with the staircase and wood louvers giving the villas an earthy, natural feel while maintaining luxury.

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The wooden shutters on the upper levels allow fro enough air flow that air conditioning can be limited to the bedrooms, for a more energy efficient space.

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The top floor deck, also made from carefully chosen wood slats, offers guests another perspective on the ocean.

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The living room areas are open and sparsely furnished, allowing for all focus to turn to the views.

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The master bedroom in each villa opens out onto the deck and pool area.

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But even those bedrooms that do not open directly onto the patio have incredible ocean views from their floor-to-ceiling windows.

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In each villa, the main living area has an open design to maximize sunlight.

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Simple, white color palettes are perfect for the location and do not distract from the natural beauty around.

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An outdoor shower is a luxurious addition to the outdoor space.

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Even the bathroom sinks have access to the gorgeous sea air with the shutter design.

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