Stylish Family Home Features Bright Tropical Colors

Stylish Family Home Features Bright Tropical Colors

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While many contemporary designers use neutrals, particularly blacks and whites, to great effect, family homes can feel a bit sterile without some color. This design from the team at Pavel Voytov utilizes some simple neutral elements but is not afraid to take on bright colors like lime green, purple, and sky blue.

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The open and airy living room gives a great sense of how the designer uses bright colors throughout the home, starting with the incredible coffee table.

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The sofas here feature clean lines but they’ve got a slouchy comfort to them as well.

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Using the same green color for accents is playful without being too kitschy.

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A neat overhead light can swivel on demand.

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The decor also uses plenty of wood from the cool dark choice on the interior columns to the lighter tones on the floor.

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Putting this wild pop art in the stairway means plenty of people see it, but it isn’t too distracting.

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This kid’s room is clean and playful.

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The rust coloring in the bed and curtains is an unexpected match with the sky blue bookcase.

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A low storage cabinet will get plenty of use while also dividing the sleeping area from the study space.

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For the grown ups, the designer has gone with a much more neutral palette.

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Instead of color, the room plays with texture from the smooth closet doors to the knobby rug beside the bed, which itself is draped in a soft, cozy comforter.

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A wide window is perfectly framed with a relaxing seating area for grown up chats.

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For an older girl, cool purple tones are feminine but not girly.

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Plenty of shelving is a must.

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The button pattern on the duvet is just whimsical enough.

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In the bathroom we can see more fun patterns in this Scandinavian-inspired wallpaper.

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Juxtaposing the pattern with white fixtures and gray walls keeps it from being too loud.

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But the cool, neutral bathroom is welcoming as well.

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A shower stall is just big enough while a neat wall treatment makes it feel almost like a jungle.

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The light fixtures are also notable with their interesting pinched design.

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Finally we’re back at the kitchen with its lime green accents to tie everything together and create a perfect gathering space.

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