Inside The Corridors Of Power

Inside The Corridors Of Power

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Photographer Luca Zanier has released an intriguing series of photographs titled as the Corridors of Power where he shoots the interiors of some of the most influential buildings in the world. These include assembly halls, board rooms and galleries of some of the most powerful organizations out there. It is safe to say that these spaces are silent witnesses to meetings and decisions that sometimes shape the world. Check them out below:

  • 1 |
UN Security Council, New York

  • 2 |
PCF French Communist Party, Paris

  • 3 |
CGT General Labour Confederation, Paris

  • 4 |
Library at the Institute of Law, Zurich

  • 5 |
UN General Assembly, New York

  • 6 |
UN Room XXIV, Geneva

  • 7 |
UN Room XIX, Geneva

  • 8 |
Consiglio Regione Lombardia, Milan

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  • 9 |
FIFA Headquarters Executive Committee Room, Zurich

  • 10 |
Prayer Room In FIFA Headquarters, Zurich

  • 11 |
The New School, New York

  • 12 |

  • 13 |
Federal Parliament Building, National Assembly, Bern

  • 14 |
UN Trusteeship Council, New York

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