Smoking Hot Penthouse Interior Designs [Visualized]

Smoking Hot Penthouse Interior Designs [Visualized]

These first six penthouses are visualized by Ando Studio and are no short of amazing when you consider the detail and the imagination that go into each and every design.This Tower penthouse living room recalls waves of sound or of water as a rippled wall serves as a focal point, with a built-in fireplace and recessed lighting. This ties in perfectly with organic textures seen consistently throughout the space: stone, weathered wood, glass. The light from the plentiful windows illuminates. Open them and breathe it in. Its home.

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As you relax in the sitting area, look above to see the industrial-inspired lighting fixture, which features abstract metal twisted and curled artfully. At night, we can only imagine how gorgeous it’ll look.

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As you relax in the sitting area, look above to see the industrial-inspired lighting fixture, which features abstract metal twisted and curled artfully. At night, we can only imagine how gorgeous it’ll look.

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Now, we’ll jet off to Tel Aviv where traditional elements blend with modern aesthetics. In this penthouse, you’ll see smooth concrete and plenty of windows (oh, yes, more windows to die for), but the layout and feel is so much more airy and light. A touch of wood there. A speckle of metal there. Over the table hangs a series of lanterns: a calling to the cultural history of Tel Aviv.

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Take a quick step through the sliding door onto your balcony. It is open and inviting, with panoramic views of the sea. You’re surrounded by quiet. Take it all in with a glass of wine as you recline on the modern outdoor chairs, the modular pieces pushed together like a sofa and upholstered in timeless black and white. Gaze over the edge of the railing and you’ll see your painted pergola, ready for climbing blooms – or maybe nothing at all. Either way, it’s a peaceful oasis.

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Return to the interior for a good look at your entertaining space. Doesn’t this just beg for a dinner party? From the open windows and ample seating to the clean lines of the furnishings, this is a room that’s all about keeping things simple so that you can enjoy the finer things in life. No doubt, this room is furnished stunningly with only the finest of fabrics and materials. All you need now is to add your own special touch – and a few friends.

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Need to escape the party for awhile? A chair to cradle you as you breathe deep and meditate sits waiting out of another set of sliding doors. More amazing views. More fresh air and sunshine.

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The blend of wood and marble is striking here along the media wall. In a way, it’s a perfect statement. A patterned rug lends softness to the smoothness. A sculptural chair and a grand piano give the room a sense of liveliness.

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A small pool and a set of chairs sit outside. They’re ready for your morning swim. A tree ties the outdoor space all together. After all, what’s a patio without a little greenery?

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You’re feeling refreshed, aren’t you? Let’s continue on to another space that you’re sure to fall in love with.

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Here you’ll find bright pops of blue amongst neutrals in an artfully designed penthouse. With a view of the ocean and an open floor plan, there’s endless potential – but you won’t need to do much. Modern furnishings, clean lines, and an efficient design means that you’ll have everything you could need within just a few steps.

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Inside, it feels cozy and open. Outside, it’s nothing short of paradise. This home showcases a beautiful hardwood deck with plenty of space for dining al fresco or stargazing.

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Another Tel Aviv charmer showcases that same openness of the previous space, but highlights softer shapes. Round fixtures and curved furnishings soften the clean lines of the kitchen, living room furnishings, and built-in storage.

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Outside, sit beneath a sculpted pergola and breathe in the scents of the city. A small area for a garden and just enough furniture make this spot a welcoming haven for couples seeing a retreat from city life.

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Back in the interior, you’ll see touches of mid-century styling with lovely wood, a three tiered coffee table, statement shelving and retro-inspired seating.

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Retreat through the sliding doors to yet another private patio, perfect for reading or sunning yourself on a warm day.

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Another penthouse project we came to love is this one, which calls to mind some elements of Restoration Hardware. Lots of textures in this space, from smooth metal to crisp fabrics. The windows are undressed to let as much light as possible flow in. The seating is ample and comfortable, plus the layout exudes a welcome for entertaining. Picture the table filled with family and friends as you serve hors d’oeuvres in the living area. Retire to the couch and chairs for cocktails as you watch skyline of the city below twinkle in the distance.

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Art collectors can rejoice in this space. Its openness and blank canvas style of all ensures plenty of space for sculpture or fine art, whatever your tastes. The recessed lighting throughout also highlights various room focal points, so your favorite pieces can be easily shown off.

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The kitchen, while small, is incredibly functional. Floor to ceiling open shelving allows for displaying your china collection while a simple island and breakfast bar ensures you have plenty of space for crafting your favorite recipes.

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In the bedroom, light hardwoods take center stage with rich paneling and flooring throughout. A pop of green from the chair near the bed ties in perfectly with the otherwise neutral palette. There’s a large walk-in closet and an en-suite bathroom just a few steps away from the bed, which sits low in front of the window. Wake up and look out at the world – isn’t it just lovely?

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The en-suite bathroom is simply chic with lots of clean lines and minimalist furnishings. Storage built-ins under the sink and on the side of the luxuriously large tub ensure plenty of space for soft towels or bath amenities. Full length mirrors behind the sink make the space feel open while offering a full view as you prepare for the morning.

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Outside, there’s a large table for entertaining, plenty of seating, and pops of green and yellow, making the space feel cheery and bright. A modern pergola casts ribbons of shadow across the handsome wood of the deck.

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Let’s try another, shall we? In Dusseldorf, you’ll find this luxurious penthouse apartment. It covers and entire floor has a feature that most other penthouses don’t: a completely unique shape characterised by sloping ceilings.

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In addition to the sculptural roof, this space also showcases forward-thinking design elements that blend together source materials beautifully. Wood paneling, metal accents, smooth concrete floors and clean lines throughout give this penthouse a cutting-edge yet cozy feeling.

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With lots of storage along the wall for displaying your favorite books and a cozy leather couch to read on, it’s an introvert’s paradise.

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Around the corner a second seating area allows for intimate entertaining. Throughout the space, you’ll also find warm neutrals. It is simple and uncluttered yet so luxurious.

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In the dining area, the focal point of the room is the unique overhead lighting fixture, which calls to mind the structure of molecules. A large wall for displaying a favorite art piece allows for a pop of color behind the large dining table.

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It’s the kitchen, however, where the slanted ceilings are the most dramatic. Although this space may seem compact, there is ample room for gourmet pursuits, along with plenty of kitchen storage and a charming breakfast bar. As you read the paper, glance through the windows in front of you. It’s going to be a lovely day.

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The kitchen highlights open shelving units, hidden pantries, and clean, uncluttered surfaces.

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In the foyer, create a warm welcome with an open skylight and a few of your favorite pieces from your art collection.

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The master bedroom feels airy and spacious with lots of windows for natural light, high ceilings, and a simple yet sophisticated layout of furnishings. Wood paneling on the wall behind the bed gives warmth to this modern space.

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In the bathroom, his and hers sinks, a standalone soaking tub, and luxurious plumbing fixtures lend utility as well as high design. The marble throughout is dazzling.

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This last penthouse is courtesy of Meter3. Located in Turkey, one can enjoy dazzling views of both the space and the city outside. Plenty of sunshine, natural light, and openness make this penthouse seem like it’s floating – suspended beautifully, in fact.

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Look up from your spot on the sofa to see floor to ceiling windows and a comfortable loft that’s sure to become a favorite lookout spot at parties.

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Media consoles build into the wall ensure seamless lines throughout your interior. No wires, no bulk, no problem.

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Take the stairs up to the loft while enjoying the view out the windows – the glass railing ensures a perfect view of your space below.

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In the kitchen, which is compact yet feels open with plenty of window space, you get the essentials plus a simple breakfast bar on the island.

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The bedroom is whimsical, with textured walls, soft linens, and fabrics that beg to be touched. Simple furnishings create calm in this penthouse sanctuary.

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The bathroom is done in luxurious marble, with mirrors to create an illusion of even more space. Plenty of storage for amenities and a bath and shower that disappears into the wall for a completely seamless look.

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You’ve toured them all – which one is your favorite?

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