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If you are looking for a sophisticated and calming neutral palette for your home, then how about a touch of taupe decor like these two homes? Taupe rooms feel serene and simple, but appear warmer than basic cool white, they also can be teamed with a whole host of accent colors though accessories that continue the flow look equally beautiful. Take a look at this pair of interiors, and maybe you will find yourself falling in love with the idea of a taupe home design.

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  • Designer: Ore Andrey
We find our first home in Moscow, designed by Ore Andrey. The 130 square meter apartment was created as a quiet and comfortable nest for a married couple and their two children. The rich, deep taupe curtains match sumptuously with the taupe feature wall.

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Just a shade lighter than the paint, the taupe cushions break up the pale sofa, and a lamp finishes the look.

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The adjoining dining room area incorporates a glossy cream panel to pull in the lighter elements of the lounge space.

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In the taupe bedroom, a curvaceous ceiling structure has been installed as a fun alternative to an oversized headboard. Butterfly cutouts decorate the unusual installation, and a nearby wall displays the negative colorway of the pretty effect.

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A textured taupe bedspread adds interest to the light colored bedstead.

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The kids’ bedroom takes a break from the taupe color scheme, and instead is a purple and pink fairytale room complete with castle mural.

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Back in the kitchen diner, the cabinets have been picked out in contrasting white and deep walnut veneer.

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  • Designer: Dina Mezhevova
The second home design is another Moscow based property, created by Mezhevova Dean, which covers an overall area of 311 square meters. Here, a smoky natural stone finish on the kitchen cabinetry works beautifully behind a row of seven twinkling lights suspended over a long dining table.

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Around the large table, ten dining chairs provide a comfortable welcome for big dinner parties.

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The taupe dining suite sits beautifully against natural wood tone.

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A mottled effect gives pale taupe bathroom walls extra interest.

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