Some Stunningly Beautiful Examples Of Modern Asian Minimalistic Decor

Some Stunningly Beautiful Examples Of Modern Asian Minimalistic Decor

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This collection of minimalist Asian interior inspiration, which comes to us courtesy of Fertility Design, features rooms from four separate home designs that whilst not overly complicated, all exhibit eye-catching flair. Each incorporates small pops of inviting color and art collections that make every one of them feel like a welcoming home.

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Our first modern Asian home looks out onto a courtyard that features a complimenting minimalist design, encased in pale walls that similar to the those of the adjacent interior.

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Inside, tiny orange accents have been added throughout the swathe of light neutrals, in the form of scatter cushions and decorative ornaments. A cleverly designed double sided sofa allows the inhabitants of the home to look either out onto the serene courtyard, or to sociably face into the living room itself, without the need for additional space-eating seating arrangements.

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Low level lighting creates a cozy glow along the length of the room, in absence of a fireplace. Simple black shelving, in a distinctly oriental style, provides plenty of room for display pieces-though the collection is well spaced to prevent the area from appearing at all cluttered.

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The shelving in this dining room has been decorated with delicate teapots and china, which act as little gems of color against sombre gray alcoves.

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Two toned chairs of the same style bring different elements of the room together, as well as adding interest to the simple suite in an understated way.

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In our second home design, a slate courtyard wall becomes a feature wall to this living room, and is a brilliant backdrop for some bright red accent furniture and artwork.

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Two different shapes of small red table have been paired together to form one larger more interesting piece. A couple of yellow toned accent cushions introduce another layer to the color story.

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Handle-free kitchen units provide a streamlined look in this kitchen diner, where the smooth white countertops over the work areas and central island are echoed by a neighboring glossy white dining table. A trio of vibrant light shades provide all the color that this chic space needs, and draws the eye to the staging area for the meal.

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Home number three features a blue chair and footstool combo that has been teamed with a large piece of blue art to bring character to a pale lounge, and accent cushions pull the hue through.

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A home workspace fits snugly into this narrow area.

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Our last home swaps out blue accents for green, giving a fresh feeling of nature when teamed with warm wood tones.

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