Kitchen Designs with Unusual Choices

Kitchen Designs with Unusual Choices

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If you are looking for inspiration for a sophisticated kitchen design and decor, then this array from Armony Cucine harbors quite a few. There are some here that have just a slightly different touch, to add just the right amount of interest to your stylish cooking space without going overboard.

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This calm kitchen design with understated features gets a quick zing of color, with a run of green kitchen units beneath a long central island.

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Inspiration has been taken from the hues within an antique run in this kitchen diner space, leading to an unusual choice of orange larder units and TV console cabinets. The zesty cupboards work perfectly against the muted blue backdrop and crisp white fronts of the smaller units.

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Strong red accents steal the spotlight in this modern setup, contrasted beautifully by the rich blue window chair. The colors are unexpected against the swathe of beige and white units in this space–and the best part is that these color pops can be changed out, without the expense of ripping out cabinetry and shelving, if you should become tired of your color choices.

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Shades across the brown spectrum may not be the first thing that pops into your head when you imagine a trendy kitchen space, but this design has sandwiched a few together to great effect. The T shaped kitchen island is a really nice touch too if you have that kind of floor space.

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Sweet pink and blue color pops are the focal point in this culinary scene, placed upon a pretty rug that you might normally see in plusher parts of the home.

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A cool red oversized pendant light is a hovering point of interest.

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Mix and match wood tones can give a cool effect, as can irregularly hung modular wall cabinets.

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A circular kitchen design carries wow factor-though can prove quite a challenge to fit into a regular kitchen space.

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A chandelier adds sparkle in any room, even the kitchen.

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