10 Super Pricey Apartments In New York

10 Super Pricey Apartments In New York

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In this feature we are visiting Americas Big Apple to take a look at ten luxury pads in New York City for rent. You may swoon at the luxurious layouts and designer furniture, but not half as much as you will swoon at the price tags! Images courtesy of Corcoran

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  • Source: Corcoran
Weighing in at a massive $50,000 per month, this vision in white is a prewar penthouse duplex that has been converted by world renowned London-based architect John Pawson. The minimalistic dwelling is sharp yet understated in its pure décor, providing a moment of calm within the heart of the big city.

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  • Source: Corcoran
This $45,000 per month condo on Lincoln Square is a 5 bedroom modern space with floor to ceiling windows with a panorama of Central Park, the Hudson and East Rivers, GW Bridge, the Midtown Skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

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  • Source: Corcoran
Our next featured apartment clocks up $12500 per month on the Upper West side of New York. Renovated by Architectural Digest published architect Michael Johnston, this bright interior has a large living room that opens out toward a stylish fitted kitchen with European cabinetry. Oversized windows let natural sunlight highlight the designer furniture and a grand piano.

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  • Source: Corcoran
$9200 is the price per month for our fourth stop, situated on Seventh Avenue in the Chelsea Mercantile. This place is a sunny1500 square-foot loft with a sprawling living room, top of the line kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The prewar home holds original columns that hold up an impressive 11 ft ceiling, where a fabulous Italian chandelier sparkles.

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  • Source: Corcoran
There’s a $20,000 per month price tag on this busy blue number on the Upper East Side that offers up a floor space of 2,000 square feet. Oak floors and elegant crown and baseboard molding decorate this three bedroom, three bathroom apartment complete with an eat-in kitchen, living room, formal dining room, and balcony.

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  • Source: Corcoran
$17,000 per month will rent you this calm feeling home under rustic chunky ceiling beams.

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  • Source: Corcoran
The cheapest of this dollar demanding bunch is this $6900 per month home. Built as a carriage house back in 1905, this boutique condominium is a unique New York City space.

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  • Source: Corcoran
$15,000 per month will earn you a home in this Brazilian cherry floored apartment that boasts oversized rooms with a view out to the Statue of Liberty.

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  • Source: Corcoran
Pay $13,000 per month for one of Manhattan’s premier white glove condominiums in 100 United Nations Plaza.

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  • Source: Corcoran
Last, but certainly not least, is this $34,000 per month pad in the new boutique condominium 57 IRVING, situated in historic Gramercy.

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