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This very grand set of garden inspiration is best suited to classic manor houses and more modern mansions, but that doesnt stop us all from reveling in the natural beauty that thrives there. As we hop over the stepping stones, across huge manicured lawns, we might also find a few ideas that will translate into smaller nature spaces and more modest yards.

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Matching topiaries are an absolute sure way of creating a regal feeling in a green space, but for an understated elegance be sure to stick to simple designs like these spherical affairs, rather than pruning a crowing rooster design!

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This modern take on the classic stepping stones uses parallel slabs in a repeat pattern to creep across the lush blanket of grass. Create a vista at the end of your pathway, it doesn’t have to be a pool like this one, a simple focal point like a wall mounted fountain will work wonders in a smaller space.

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Al fresco dining areas are a lovely way to make use of your outdoor space.

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Traditional garden sculptures bring an element of aristocratic class to gentle landscaping, and don’t forget to place a comfortable bench nearby where you can sit and appreciate the artwork.

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Planting beds of various sizes create an interesting visual affair.

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Climbing plants bring a sense of storybook romance.

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Don’t underestimate the importance of outdoor lighting. LEDs can softly illuminate your outside room to allow you to use the space long into the summer nights-and even the cooler ones too with the help of a patio heater.

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Planting can become a real work of art in itself if you have the time and patience.

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For those who do not have a lot of time to spend on pruning and weeding, a patio may be the best option; there a many different options available, from cobbles to block paving.

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The right garden statue can add an element of ethereal charm to any outdoor space.

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Images via Anston, jjlocations, and Grace Design Associates.

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