Playfully Colorful Interiors

Playfully Colorful Interiors

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While we love the look of a modern interior with its cool grays and bright whites, it would be difficult to argue that the look is playful. Luckily, designers from Portico Design Group have taken the basic tenets of the mid-century aesthetic and added entirely contemporary blasts of fun color where you would least expect it. The results are rooms full of personality without feeling cluttered or forced.

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When home has an open floor plan, it is important that rooms are divided but still have a unifying design feel. Here, a bright orange backsplash is a dramatic focal point in the kitchen, while accent pillows on the couch tie everything together without being cartoonish.

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Tucking barstools under one side of a kitchen island is a classic space-saving technique. Tiny turquoise accents bring the rest of the room to life.

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Having a new addition to the family does not have to mean sacrificing style. This nursery is modern but carefully accented with playful colors and different textures and materials to keep the attention of baby and parents alike.

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The right use of color can affect all the senses. Here, tiny bits of lemon yellow seem to drift up into the air, scenting this bath with citrusy goodness while still letting black and white tile create an easy, cleanable, transformable room.

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Urban living does not always lend itself to expansive living rooms and huge furniture. This living room is narrow, so the designer uses pieces that aren’t as deep and heavy as they might be: a slender coffee table, and slim sofa especially. The lighting is gentle, making the room cozier than cramped.

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Straying away from the bright and feminine colors of some of the other rooms, the burnt orange accents here are much more neutral, but still add a certain pop that brings dimension to the interior.

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