Spectacular Atlantic Seaboard Showpiece by SAOTA

Spectacular Atlantic Seaboard Showpiece by SAOTA

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Nestled in the side of Lions Head, overlooking the idyllic blue waters of Cape Towns Bantry Bay, youll find this spectacular modern house by SAOTA. The architects had there marching orders, the client desired a showpiece yet wanted a sanctuary that enhanced their family lifestyle. The result couldnt have been more spot on. While the house is dynamically showy in all the right places, it has a softer, less boastful side in its low key interior spaces. Natural and organic materials can be found throughout the home, creating a rich textural appeal among a minimalist interior design. Expanses of concrete were used both inside and out, but are naturally softened and warmed by rich woods and finishes and natural light flooding  through expansive glass ceilings and walls.  This is certainly a modern house we could feel right at home in, how about you?

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