Small Living: Super Streamlined Studio Apartment

Small Living: Super Streamlined Studio Apartment

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The clever layout of this tiny studio apartment, designed by WCH Interior, holds everything a home owner wants and needs despite an extremely limited floor area, whilst managing to appear remarkably uncluttered and sleek in style.

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A low-level entertainment unit runs well below eye-level to keep the flow of space unobstructed in the entryway to the apartment. The home gadgetry has been selected for its flat and thin dimensions.

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Also kept low-lying is the open-ended sofa, which backs onto the sleeping area. The headboard of the bed is formed by a short wall, to create a clear divide to the home office and kitchen area beyond.

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Over in the kitchen zone, the cabinetry installed matches the slimline cupboards in the lounge area to achieve a cohesive look throughout the small open plan space.

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Despite the limited proportions of this dwelling, a dedicated home office space has been achieved, complete with a bespoke desk and a generous amount of storage cubbies.

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The white marble countertops, used in various forms in the design, both reflect the light and create a look of quality.

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A wall of wood cladding matches the finish of the wooden cabinetry to achieve continuity of materials and color.

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