Black White Statement Decor

Black  White Statement Decor

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Take a look at the monochromatic magic of this contemporary interior, from Mires Paris, drained of color to create the ultimate hit of décor drama.

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A symmetrical furniture layout creates a mirrored effect in the lounge area, complete with matching minimalistic sofas and slick black arc lamps to illuminate each side equally. This symphony of silhouettes stretches out across the white floor where a base of black throw rugs are perfectly aligned like a bridge over to, and beneath, the seating, and continues all the way up to the ceiling in the matching ebony pendant light shades.

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On the opposite side of the room, the furniture twin theme carries over into reading chairs with perfectly echoed reading lamps, beneath a glazed mezzanine level.

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Even the artwork arrives two by two, as illustrated by these two traditional busts mounted on matching column plinths.

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Shoes and accessories have been used to adorn the decorative shelf cubbies at either side of this fashion forward design, with bright white stilettos punching outlines into the dark wall, and a black collection punctuating the facing white wall.

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