Modern Design in Modest Proportions

Modern Design in Modest Proportions

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This special selection of extremely current living style comes to us from the experienced designers at Savastudio, in Russia; this superb set includes open plan homes of realistic modest proportions that still manage ooze luxury, and statement making glossy bedroom schemes.

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The same lighting and color palette has been used throughout the living spaces to create a flowing and seamless effect from entranceway to lounge area, to kitchen diner.

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A glass dining table has been used here to allow light and vision to pass through, appearing barely there to create the sense of more space.

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An L-shaped sofa divides a relaxation area from the practical cooking and dining zone, providing an unobtrusive sectioning solution for an open plan home.

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Rather than blending the kitchen into the background of this open plan space, the visible cabinetry has been seized as an opportunity to introduce a zing of strong color, almost a feature wall, to set the tone for the entire apartment. A matching rug continues the zesty color story further into the living area, where a sofa bed echoes the fabric used on the adjacent dining chairs.

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This bedroom achieves a sense of space by utilizing the face of the fitted wardrobes as mural space for an impressive cityscape, whilst a winged headboard conjures a feeling of grandeur.

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