Terrific Young Teenagers Rooms

Terrific Young Teenagers Rooms

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Teenagers are hard to please, but this gallery of goodies is bound to put a smile on their face; gorgeous spaces for girls, and cool lad pads full of fresh ideas and new colorways.

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This hot pink and cool gray combination creates a vibrant but balanced scheme that despite its shocking slashes of color does not appear overpowering.

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The attention grabbing storage shelves flank every available space, keeping teenage clutter off the floor and schoolbooks at hand when studying.

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The neutrally hued walls are given character with the addition of a typographical theme, which is both fun and stylish, and cleverly draws the eye away from what could have appeared as an unsightly bulkhead.

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Another unavoidable architectural bulk is knocked back with the addition of a bespoke shaped platform bed.

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This teenage girls room is filled with feminine patterns, in the fabric of the prettily covered office chair and the delicate wallpaper that backs the work zone and sleeping area.

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Flourishes of apple green offset the sweet candyfloss shades elsewhere in the décor.

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Via Blalank Studio
The palette in this teenage boys room is paired back to make way for loud bedcovers.

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A huge Beatle themed wall mural is complimented by trendy road sign art and a loft-style exposed brick wall.

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Via Lumier
A monochrome backdrop is lifted with notes of primary colors red and blue.

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