Living Rooms With Great Views

Living Rooms With Great Views

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Imagine lounging in your living room, a crackling open fire at one side, and an enveloping panoramic view at the other; peace and serenity itself. Clear your busy mind and take a wander with us through this parade of stunning living rooms, blessed with even more breathtaking views.

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By Elyas
Amazing views like these should be maximized by bringing the essence of the outdoor surroundings into the home; a woodland setting inspires natural interiors filled with floor to ceiling wood grain walls and textured stone surfaces, whereas a fresh ocean scene should breathe a cool and crisp palette with smooth, clean lines.

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By Slavinsky
If you are lucky enough to find yourself submerged in dream views like these, ensure your room design is kept airy and uncomplicated to allow the eye to naturally find the beauty beyond, rather than conflict with it.

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Full height floor to rafter windows or glass doors are the obvious choice for properties in special spots, and such expanses allow in stacks of light to bathe your living room in a glorious glow from sunrise to sunset, and later, a magical glittering blanket of evening stars.

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Above 2 via 3D Spike
Window dressings are kept soft and sheer so as not to take focus away from the scene, or blinds are installed that can be drawn up and away from the view, which also provide some shade when the sun is high in the sky.

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