Precious Interior Detailing

Precious Interior Detailing

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This superb set of interior design visualizations, by designer Asaf Bakhshiyev, of Baku, Azerbaijan, displays magical detailing along with a great understanding for small spaces and the shared living areas present in todays modern homes.

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Unexpected architectural interest is created in the irregular curve of the doorway between the hall and the living room, featuring circular cutouts that capture tiny vignettes of the room as you draw nearer. A mirror with complimentary elliptical shapes flanks the left side to continue the theme along the full length of the space.

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As you enter the living space, segregated shelving nooks hung at different height levels decorate a plain wall, echoing the stunning undulating muli-bulb lighting feature that zones one lounge area from another.

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This narrow living room is furnished to provide every bit of storage and style that can be spread out over a larger lounge without appearing overcrowded or unkempt, and instead appears as a little jewel of the home.

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A shared children’s room provides each sibling with a feeling of ones own space by the incorporation of a dividing shelf unit between the sleeping areas. Each child can have a zone of their own whilst the rest of the room remains a communal play area, where the cheerful colors are pulled together in a multicolored deep pile rug to provide a comfortable lounging place to spread out toy collections.

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