Action Packed Kids Rooms

Action Packed Kids Rooms

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We all know how full-of-energy kids can be(too much at times!)so why not give them a way to burn off that pent up play, even on a rainy day? Heres a bunch of cool kids and teenager rooms that incorporate jungle gym style apparatus, just like youd find at the playground or the gymnasium, but adapted to a more confined area.

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With hand loops for swinging and ladders for climbing, your little moneys can scramble and dangle till their hearts are content.

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The hanging kid’s chair being transparent does not take up too much space visually.

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At home in boys and girls rooms alike, an activity zone works well anywhere. In this example we see the setup taking centre stage, bang in the middle of the room, giving the kids plenty of room to move around.

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If you’d rather the gym equipment didn’t form the centre of attention, then this space has a pull up bar and climbing frame nestling out of plain site behind a built in book shelf.

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This car themed room exudes action in a extra new way too, with a high speed race or chase screen depicted in a huge wall mural, beneath an exciting lighting feature made to look like a giant scale speedometer. Hubcap art decorates the walls in this motor palace, a touch of exposed brick hints at a garage atmosphere, and the look is finished off with durable denim textiles, as worn by car mechanics, in an informal seating area.

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Above 4 car/auto racing theme rooms by Nailgun 3D

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