Classically Cool Living Rooms

Classically Cool Living Rooms

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There is a circus of décor styles out there for lounge spaces, but were getting down to the detail to see what makes a classically cool living room…

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Don’t seclude your scholarly collections in concealed bookcases, display your library on chunky open shelving for a sophisticated and learned look. You could even add a very on-trend library ladder to draw further attention to an extensive stack.

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Interior wood paneling, once a thing of yesteryears fashion, has made an astonishingly strong and stylish comeback. Try cladding a feature wall from top to toe with lengths of beautifully grained timber for a stunning, neutral and natural, statement piece. Here, modern features like the sleek furniture and a bold minimalist fireplace screen bring reinvigorating energy to the classic cladding.

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Choose one or two high-end pieces of furniture to compliment your main suite, if the budget will allow; a Barcelona or Eames chair will always add an impressive splash of class, or search out your own distinctive vintage piece to set an individual tone for the rest of the room.

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An attractive piece of eye catching artwork will always add a pop of personality to your place, but do remember not to scrimp on proportions, go big and bold with your canvasses.

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Combine different textures in your living space for extra impact, such as teaming an old original exposed brick wall with sheer floaty drapes, and deep pile soft area rugs. The unexpected combinations will create an interesting and cosy layered effect.

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