7 Videos That Vision How Things Could Be In The Future

7 Videos That Vision How Things Could Be In The Future

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We are big fans of what the future could be! We love looking at those bold and daring stuff innovators think up today which they hope to take mainstream tomorrow. Here are 7 such videos that give us a taste of what devices and experiences could be like in the near future.

The Printer

If you think about it there is nothing in here that isn’t possible already. It is just sensible, innovative design that brings together the advancements we have had in a cohesive way.

The Camera

Designed by the same people who brought you the printer concept above, the WVIL camera offers a great deal of control to photographers even after they have captured the photo.

The Fridge

Wouldn’t it be cool if the fridges could tell you about the quality, quantity, expiration date and even possible recipes for its contents? Don’t lose hope yet! This concept from Fabian Kreuzer tempts us with some exciting details.

The Shopping Experience

Seeing what the Kinect can do these days we don’t think this is too far off. (Did we just hear a collective applause from women world over?)

The Architect

Christopher Nolan pitched Inception to Warner Bros sometime back in 2001 so we are not going to make any accusations here!

The Way We Touch and Feel

This mind boggling video released last week by Microsoft Research just blows us away with what could be possible.

To be fair it is not the first time these guys have thrilled us. We all remember their Vision 2019 concept:

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Watch the video: Post Malone - White Iverson (May 2022).


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