Pixel Inspiration in Decor

Pixel Inspiration in Decor

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The pointillism painters were fascinated by them in the late 1800’s. Modern society measures picture quality with them. And these days, they have become a source of inspiration in decor. Pixels are now common in the design world featured as graphic prints on everything from pillows to bed-sheets to meticulously-constructed lamps and clocks. This fascination may in part be sparked by an increasingly digital world, and in part by our initial fascination with dots, evident during the pointillism period in art – how a large group of many tiny dots, varying in color, can compose a larger image. But in most of these designs, we are intrigued by the idea of pixels close-up that make up an object, such as a table or lamp. Regardless, they make for funky and modern touches in your living room or bedroom and are probably a good conversation starter.

If you are an art admirer and know your Van Goghs and Vermeers, you would appreciate these modular patterns from ixxi.

London based interior accessory store Zuzunaga has a cool collection of pillows, rugs and couches that celebrate pixels.

This mod, black and white armless pixel couch was designed by Dune.

The pixel hand hanger by 8-bit hanger!

Joongho Choi designed this brightly-colored pixel table, which would make for an edgy and unique addition to a living room.

This Baroque style pixel lamp by Stellavie is a beautiful and unique meshing of two different eras and styles. While more toned down in color, it would still make a statement anywhere.

These vividly-colored pixel lamps by Yank Design are a bit more noticeable than the Stellavie, but are still beautiful in that they are reminiscent of naturally-formed raw stones.

The “falling pixels” effect of this brightly colored coaster by 25togo could help spark a conversation from your surprised guests.

Have lots of time and lots of similar sized books? Take a DIY cue from Icoeye who decorated their entire bookshelf in pixel graphics, using one book at a time.

Not enough time? Then keep track with the Pixel Clock.

Artist Duncan Wilson was inspired to create walls of colorful post it notes that resemble pixels.

Have any more pixel inspired decor item that you think deserve to be on this list? Let us know in the comments…

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