Step House: Fabulous Minimalism

Step House: Fabulous Minimalism

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How do you design a spacious house on a narrow plot of land? You take a cue from 05 AM Arquitectura and build a step house! The Catalonian architects worked wonders with this split-level, minimalistic home that employs a terraced design in its interiors and exteriors.

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Located in a small Spanish village in Girona, the openings of the house face the north and south — with the north facing the old village with its cobble-stone streets, and the south facing the pool, garden, and landscape.

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The stepped floors and Chartreuse yellow shelving allows long views and natural light, but also defines the different spaces of the room.

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The house is designed to align with the north or the south elements.

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The house can be accessed by two entrances — the first floor, ground entrance and the lower, ground garden level which is also the car port. The “garage” is a transitional space that blurs the outdoor-indoor divide.

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Between the basement and the main level, the architects have included the intermediate level or floor, which is reserved for leisure and study areas.

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The depressed zone in the center of the house allows it to have a better relation with the landscape, and the fragmented roof allows natural light to pass through.

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The kitchen, living room, and terrace are all located on the main floor.

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