Barcelona House Oozes Color

Barcelona House Oozes Color

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If youve been to Barcelona, youve definitely experienced the vibrancy, magnitude, and quirkiness of its architecture. After all, Gaudis distinctive and beautiful architectural works are hard to miss, and so is this Barcelona home featured on Mi Casa Revista. We see the vibrant colors and the funkiness that define the Catalan region and are enamored with the playful, almost child-like decor. The interiors of this home are simple and wonderfully chaotic all at the same time.

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The swirling design in the rug is reminiscent of Gaudi’s swirling mosaics in Park Guell. The decor is colorful, vibrant, yet modern. The bookshelves under the stairs are a wonderful and fun space-saver.

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The swirling bookshelf and Pinocchio toy give the living room a playful vibe, while the french windows and flower arrangements make it refined and pretty. There is a meshing of colors and of styles (antique and modern) all in this one room.

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The bookshelves/stairs lead to an upstairs loft area and a beaded curtain separates the bathroom from the lviing area.

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The bar stools mismatch in color while the breakfast nook holds its own with green and white mod decor.

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The ceiling is almost the antithesis to the rest of the apartment with its ornate, gilded old-fashioned design, but it makes for a unique balance with the simplicity and bright colors of the rooms.

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Purses hang from what seem to be dripping parts of the wood panel installed into the wall, another Gaudi-like feature.

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The bedroom is simply artsy with pieces that evoke New York City and graphic art that makes it edgy.

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